3 Tips to be successful

By Roop Lakhani - 14:02:00

Who does not like success? Everyone likes.
The first key to be successful is being confident.

I am sharing my experience
I never wanted to give my opinions in the group.
I could never initiate talk in the group
I chose to agree with everyones opinion.
I hided myself when I had to show up.
I was not even taking responsibility for my own happiness and self care.
I was emotionally dependent.
I was very loving and caring person, but I loved and cared for myself not so much what I did for others.
 I was a bit shy and reserved person. 


I never got the freedom to express my opinions
I was brought in a very protective and conservative family with too many values and beliefs of how a girl should be.
It was not my fault.
It was not even my parents fault.
It was an experience for me to grow up, shine up.

Today I have worked on myself. 
I no longer hide myself. 
I am confident
I am aware and working on myself.
I have overcome many challenges.
I have dealt with many difficult people. 
I know what I have to do to become confident.
I am happy 
I am satisfied.

Watch this

Life is all about turning inwards and not waiting for fate and destiny to show up.

Gain control of your life and find the balance you need to succeed. 
Learn to lead a more fulfilling life, discover more about yourself, and find a path to follow toward achieving your goals for yourself.
Need any help?
You can call me, chat me, mail me.
I am your transformation coach. We will make it happen.

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