October 2022 energy report

By Roop Lakhani - 13:13:00

Hello Beautiful Beings, 

It’s a blessing for me to connect with your beautiful energy of the October month energy in this way! October month is filled with festive spirits of Navratri and Diwali, the message is to be joyful, positive and uplifted to welcome fresh new energies of the Hindu New year. It is time to simplify our lives, creating the space to receive positive experience, bliss and blessings. PLet’s get right there into it!

The total of October 2022, is 10 + 6 = 16, the total is 7.

Card 16 is represented by The Tower card and card 7 is represented by The Chariot card.

The Tower card shows a bit of frightening with its dark image but it has a great revelations. The lightning striking on a solid structure of Tower, knocking off the crown, and also shaking the roots, but has deeper understanding with our lives. It  symbolizes the energy flows down from the Universe/ Divine powers, through your crown chakra. It is asking your attention to connect with The Divine Consciousness. But if you are not connected with your roots, any obstacles will strike you with a lightening bolt and uproot you from your solid stable structure. 

We need to be rooted with our foundational values and pure sanskars, which would help you to fight any obstacles with ease.

The shaking events may be a divorce, death of a loved one, financial failure, health problems, natural disaster, job loss or any event that shakes you to your core, affecting you spiritually, mentally and physically, but you need to face it, you cannot escape it. And let’s be real – with a card like The Tower, you have no choice but to surrender to the destruction and chaos, no matter how unwanted or painful.

 The breakdowns has to be made breakthroughs. The chaos comes to awaken you to create a Conscious Change, but normally we feel helpless and hopeless that tears us, breaks us. The key word is focus on the solutions and not on problems. Focus on the root cause of the mindset that has created the issues.

The root cause can be your limiting beliefs, emotional patterns, or illusionary action plans, which could be missing clarity and insight that cuts through the lies and illusions you have been telling yourself. 

You are now questioning what is real and what is not; what you can rely upon and what you cannot trust. This can be very confusing and disorienting, especially when your core belief systems are challenged. 

Your world may come crashing down before you, in ways you could never have imagined as you realize that you have been building your life on unstable foundations – false assumptions, mistruths, illusions, blatant lies, and so on.  

With the breakdowns, you will come to see that your original beliefs were built on a false understanding, and your new belief systems are more representative of reality, everything you thought to be true has turned on its head. 

Now The Ultimate Truth comes to The Light, that can open your eyes, mind and awareness and take you towards peace and progress. The best way forward is to re-align, re-build and re-focus. 

 Change on this deep level is hard, but you need to trust that life is happening FOR you, not TO you and this is all for a reason, and that reason is for your highest growth. This destruction will allow new growth to emerge and your soul can evolve. You will grow stronger, wiser and more resilient as you develop a new perspective on life you did not even know existed. 

These moments are necessary for your spiritual growth and enlightenment, and truth and honesty will bring about a positive change, even if you experience pain and anxiety throughout the process. Now The Ultimate Truth comes to The Light, that can open your eyes, mind and awareness and take you towards peace and progress. And that's where card 7 The Chariot is asking us to be focussing on our duties and dharma. The Chariot is a card of willpower, determination, and strength. You have gathered strength and discovered how to make decisions in alignment with your values during difficult times.

It is time for self-discovery and self-knowledge. You have set your objectives and are now channeling your inner power with a fierce dedication to bring them to fruition. When you apply discipline, commitment and willpower to achieve your goals, you will succeed.

If you have been inactive or passive or lazy towards your objectives, take focused action and stick to the course, no matter what challenges may come your way – because, believe me, there will be challenges. You may be pulled in opposite directions and find your strength and conviction tested. Others may try to block you, distract you, or drag down the pursuit of your goal. But you can push past the obstacles that comes your way.

If you are curious whether you will be successful or no  know that as long as you keep your focus and remain confident in your abilities, success vwould surely follow. You can’t cut corners or take the easy route, or you will fail. Instead, see this endeavor as a test of your strength and conviction, and recognize that victory is within reach, but it’s up to you to follow through.

Believe in yourself, assert yourself and be courageous. Be bold in expressing your desires and laying down your boundaries; otherwise, you will not get your way. Life is a journey, you may have your speedbreakers or freeway to accelerate the car, you will reach your objectives with full strength and will power.

In numerology, number 7 represents mysticism, spirituality.

Number 7 people, that is born on 7 th, 16th and 25th of any month are creative, intelligent and having off beat ideas. They are intuitive and find comfort in pursuing spiritual path. They can do research, analyse and investigate the link with known to unknown. And that's why they show their creative and practical sides. But remember, you don't have to be critical, demanding, opinionated and fixed about what you know and what you wish to create.

People with number 7 are fond of travelling, tourism and wandering around. Be empathetic, and don't fail to understand the sentiments of the other person, you have the special power to attract others, you are charismatic.

Number 7 in astrology is represented by the planet Neptune. Neptune is the ruler of intuition, enchantment, glamour and soulful artistry.The sign Neptune was in when you were born shines a shimmer on how you connect with your highest level of both creativity and divinity, as well as your spiritual practices. And the Neptune affects your creativity and spirituality in the moment. Think of yourself as a lamp, while Neptune is the light. Your Neptune sign helps you understand how the light heals with both self-compassion and forgiveness towards others.

The best way to start is cleaning and clearing physical clutter. As such Diwali is prompting us to do that this month. Throughout our lives, (including myself, ) most of us accumulate an abundance of material “things” that tend to take up a lot of space in our physical environment. The attachment creates heaviness and constricts our energies, which can lead us to identify with limiting beliefs, fears, self doubts, emotional baggage and mental stressors.

The time has come to be expansive be watchful of our habits and patterns that creates fear and worry, lack and insecurity, believing that nothing is working in our favor, we are not the lucky ones and the feelings of being stuck increases, especially in our finances. Any bells ringing?!

Other issues can then follow, including low self-esteem, self-sabotage, jealousy, being in judgment of ourselves and others, and other repeating challenges that can hold us back even more. The further negative spiral of vicious loop! Do you resonate?!

We can release much of that process by creating space in our physical environment. This then helps us to also create space in our mind and emotions, so that we can embrace a different reality—one that feels more enjoyable and expanding. 

The time has come to expand our consciousness, create changes that can lead us to be light. It is important to help ourselves in this way, because when change happens as quickly as it is now, it can bring a lot of unresolved issues up to the surface. This can feel heavy and dense to both mind and body.

When a world operates in survival mode for long periods of time, it's time to break heavy shackles of pseudo fears, the show off attitude, fake identity and inauthenticity. The message is to throw this costume, and be in your authentic costume and work on our personal inner spiritual growth.

Now is the time to do our inner work, to align with the kindest, most compassionate and loving aspect of ourselves. This will help to ensure that our transition to the next chapter of humanity’s journey is smoother and more enjoyable as number 8 is coming in November to see that you have balanced material and spiritual aspects of life with your gifts of pure soul and inner strength. 

Get ready, Happy Diwali in advance

May you be progressive and  recieve abundance, peace, and prosperity.

To your exciting times,with much love an gratitude

Roop Lakhani

Your spiritual catalyst

Your mindset Healer

Your Consciousness Coach

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