September energy report

By Roop Lakhani - 13:20:00

Hello Beautiful Beings, 

It’s a blessing for me to connect with your beautiful energy of the September month energy in this way! September month is filled with a message, to be in the space of heart, feel the feelings, enjoy the festive spirits of Ganesh festival, welcome Navratri, Goddess Durga's shakti, and be in alignment with The Divine Powers, and blending diverse elements to create a joyful life, so let’s get right there into it!

The total of September 2022, is 9 + 6 = 15, the total is 6.

The card 15 is represented by The Devil and card 6 is represented by The Lovers. This is very interesting to know in detail. The Devil card represents your shadow side created with excessive desires, and ruled by devil inside you. It is asking you to balance between good and evil desires rather than getting stuck with lust, excessive materailsitic desires and becoming devilish. Whereas The Lovers card represents your golden side blessed with loving angels, guiding you with pure energies of love and asking you to be a free loving spirit.

We often create attachments towards people, possession, thoughts, situation, emotions, wealth, sex, and more. The raw desires when uncontrolled and unnoticed driven, magnetises you and brings you more of devilsh ideas and thoughts.

The Devil card represents your shadow side and the negative forces that constrain you and hold you back from being the best version of yourself. You may be at the effect of negative habits, dependencies, behaviors, thought patterns, relationships, and addictions. You have found yourself trapped between the short-term pleasure you receive and the longer-term pain you experience. Just as the Lovers card speaks to duality and choice, so too does The Devil; however, with The Devil, you are choosing the path of instant gratification, even if it is at the expense of your long-term well-being.

The Devil card often appears when you have been tricked into thinking you have no control over your shadow self or these negative forces, over your habitual patterns, OCD, addictions, and sexual obsessive desires, and that you can never break free from their hold. You believe you need it and you must have it, even if it means going any level, unfair and unethical too. Deep down, you also know though, you know it’s to your detriment, you are moving towards the lower needs and desires, disrespectful to your own dignity.

 To break free of these negative patterns, you need to acknowledge the hold they have over you and the impact they are having on your life. See it as an opportunity to bring these negative influences into your conscious awareness, so you can then take action to free yourself from their hold. Shine your light on the negative patterns that have been standing in your way for so long, and over time, you will loosen the grip they have on you. There would be some recurring patterns, some attractive patterns, some abusive patterns, some devilish patterns, and some unconscious patterns, it will take a tremendous amount of willpower and strength to free yourself from their influence. But know this: it IS possible, and it is up to you to make it happen.

On the positive side, The Devil card shows positive attachments between two people, a new romance and healthy attachments of love, make sure it does not become unhealthy attachments, codependency and bondage.

The Devil card also represent sexuality and your wild side. You may be exploring bondage, fetishes and your deepest, darkest fantasies. If you can do this within a safe, sacred space, it can be a very enriching experience. However, it may become little darker when experienced in unsafe way. For many couples, one of the partner feels unsafe and abusive to be with other one due to their own  ethics and morals, so it is advisable to draw clear boundaries, and choose your partners wisely.

The Devil may also be a sign you are hiding your deepest, darkest self from others, keeping it a secret. You may have thoughts, fantasies, addictions, or habits that you don’t want others to know because you feel embarrassed or ashamed. But sometimes, holding onto the secrets can contribute to a growing level of guilt, and you may feel a sense of relief if you can share your darker self with at least one trusted individual. There is also a need to accept who you are and forgive yourself for the thoughts you have.

The Devil card also speaks about the limitations, limiting beliefs and restrictions you draw for yourself due to your programmed conditioned mind. It is necessary to get aware of the limitations and fears you have created for your ownself. You  must let go of any unhealthy attachments or limiting beliefs that may hold you back. You must deal with your shadows before you can step into this new version of yourself. It may be even addiction of tea coffee, cigarette, alcohol, or any unhealthy abusive relationships, or even disengaging or disatisfyinh career. Let go of the fear and release any self-imposed limiting beliefs standing in the way of your growth. It is easier than you realize. Embrace and confront your inner fears and anxieties to free yourself from the chains that bind you to your limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachments. Eliminate those things you know are harmful to you and your inner psyche. It may be about creating a healthier diet, watching less television, quitting smoking, spending more time with your loved ones, or focusing more on your goals. 

Take this opportunity to bring about positive change in your life by staying focused on the ultimate goal of freedom. it is asking you to reach your highest potentials by bringing your shadow side to golden side.

And thas why card 6, The Lovers is asking us to connect with our pure soul spirit, asking us to connect consciously and make meaningful connections, healthy attachments, the positive uplifting sexual energy that goes beyond the instant gratification and lust, and still it is very enriching and spiritual that would uplift you.

The Lovers is a card of open communication and raw honesty. In the Rider Waite card, the Lovers card is a picture of naked man and woman, they are both willing to be in their most vulnerable states and have learned to open their hearts to one another and share their truest feelings. They are bonded with trust and confidence in each other and this makes for a powerful bond between the two, which createa a harmonious and fulfilling relationship. The message is to communicate truth and honesty for deeper meaningful relationships 

Since The Lovers card is more about bringing the golden side of ours in the light, we must be clear about our values and beliefs, our positive and authentic sid. It’s time to make choices for ourself, staying true to 'who you are and being authentic and genuine' in all our endeavors.

 The Lovers card is also about the choices we make in our daily life. The choice about who you want to be in this lifetime, how you wish to connect with others and on what level, and about what you will and won’t stand for. To make good choices, you need to be clear about your personal beliefs and values – and stay true to them. Not all decisions will be easy either.

 The Lovers card is often a sign that you are facing a moral dilemma and must consider all consequences before acting. Your values system is being challenged, and you are being called to take the higher path, even if it is difficult. Do not carry out a decision based on fear or worry or guilt or shame. Now, more than ever, you must choose love – love for yourself, love for others and love for the Universe. Choose the best version of yourself.

The Lovers card encourages you to unify the duality and dual forces, good bad, right wrong, pleasant unpleasant. You can bring together two parts that are seemingly in opposition to one another and create something that is ‘whole’, unified and harmonious. In every choice, there is an equal amount of advantage and disadvantage, opportunity and challenge, positive and negative. When you accept these dualities, you build the unity from which love flows, and thats how the golden side is been in limelight uplifting your positive energies. Bring love, respect. Honest communication in your meaningful relationship and be more powerful as a person.

Number 6 is represented by Venus in astrology. Venus is about value, about love, pleasure, luxury. It governs your relationship to money, aesthetics, and what you find lavish. But perhaps more notoriously, Venus signs tell us about our style of loving and romancing, how we flirt, show affection, experience sensual pleasure, fall in love, derive value from relationships, and more. So, if Venus is your ruling planet, you are blessed because you have a solid connection to love and affection, and your life will be filled with love and romance.

This planet is all about Love, sex, marriage, dance, music, looking for beauty in every possible thing. It tells you the way of finding joy in your life, your taste, your hobbies, your pleasure, and all those things that bring happiness in your life. Venus is the Goddess of love. It talks about your emotions and least involved with logic and mind. You learn a healthy way of living when blessed by Venus. It is how you attract pleasure and the way you perceive your relation.

The warmth of Venus will make you fall in love with them. It helps you to realize what actually you need to have a healthy, beautiful, and balanced life. 

For me, I am born on 15, born in June month, born on Friday, so there is a lots of Venus influencing me. I am fond of clothes, bags, jewellery, a well decored home, comfort and more. For me genuine love matters, respect matters, open and honest communication matters in all the loving connection and meaningful relationships. Being a healer, i bring lots of calming peaceful vibes all around me and in my work.

If you were born on the 15th of the month like me, your love for others is very powerful.( You may ask my husband!). Number 15 will bring much pleasures into your life when you need it most! People born on 15 th of any month, are associated with growth and expansion, creativity and intuition. Whether it’s expanding your business, pursuing a higher education, taking on leadership positions, or growing your close family, now is the time to go to great heights to make those dreams a reality.

Your personality traits are highly creative and you have the potential to achieve your specific goals. You may be a sensitive person because 6 (the root number of 15) is a stubborn number, however, you have a special gift of making positive changes in your life. Use your gifts wisely and you will be able to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Those with the numerology number 15 generally possess a strong sense of responsibility and have a caring nature as well.
With a 15 name number, also known as the destiny number of a numerology chart, such a person is typically nurturing and has very specific beliefs about life.

So overall the month is bring us the energies of growth, expansion and creative energies to be positive and expansive.

To your highest potential
Roop Lakhani
Tarot card reader, Mindset Healer and Consciousness Coach

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