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By Roop Lakhani - 10:35:00

"When you match your freqency of your positive emotions with Higher Vibrations, you get the reality what you desire. This is is science and not philosophy." - Roop Lakhani

So why not we work on our frequency, every thing is Energy.
I read this beautiful article of Jeff Brown while I was writing this post and I found it appropriate to add it here.

Be Here Now”! 

We can’t. We have too much trauma in the way. “The Power of Now”! Sounds good, but first we have to deal with the “Power of Then.” It’s easy enough to talk about being in the “now.” But what we are we even talking about? What does it even mean to be fully present? Many of the people teaching nowness are head-tripping, meditation addicted spiritual bypassers. What do they really know about presence? 

The truth is that we are all trauma survivors, and that includes every spiritual teacher I have ever known. Almost every one of them has confused self-avoidance with enlightenment, blaming the mind for all that ails them while conveniently sidestepping their wounded hearts. 

Bottom line- we can’t be in the present, because our emotional and physical body are tied up in trauma knots. Some, many, perhaps all threads of our consciousness are still back there, locked into the originating wounds. 

If we want to truly BE HERE NOW, we have to be there, then. We have to untie the knots and heal the core wounds. Then, and only “then”, will we know the true power of NOW.

~ Jeff Brown

How many of us have gone through a trauma, grief, painful times and we're severly impacted?

How many of us has relived those painful moments even after months and years?

How many of us would like to move on for a better joyful life, letting go of the old painful memories?

How many of us has put it under the carpet and not yet realised that it needs proper healing?

How many of us are still avoiding to meet that ugly moments by directly confronting the painful memories?

Now if you don't know, all this can create a 'Shadow Side' or 'Inner Childhood Wounds' or 'Victim Mentality'  or 'A Dull Life '!

Would you like to help yourself without much exhaustive psychotherapy process and still makes you feel lighter, feeling light?

If yes, I have body process, tools and process that would help you come out of your trauma, abuse, shame, guilt, embarrassment, helpless, hopeless, victim feelings. If you are open, ready and willing to move on towards a joyful life, I can surely help you in 3 to 5 sessions towards your better life.

So would you want your life to be joyful, easy and graceful?
Do you ever wonder how people can be so laughing and be happy?
Would you like to laugh and be happy too?

It's time to be dropping your emotional baggage s and sabotaging beliefs
It is time to face fears and drop self doubts
It is time live, and love life
It is time to invest in yourself before it is too late
It is time to be back to your true self
It is time to kick off your inferiority and superiority complex
It is time to let world know who you are and what you deserve
It is time you start to respect your identity and your existence
You matter a lot
You deserve a lot
You are amazing
All you need is a small guidance to shift your mindset
All you need is an understanding of what life can be like
All you need is peace within your 💓
All you need is illuminating knowledge that can open the locks in your thoughts

So what are you choosing now, a life full of ease, joy and glory or 
Still remain with painful memories, emotional baggage,fears, self doubts, egoic self, victim mode, helpless, hopeless and more?

Make a choice now

If you need a spiritual catalyst who is also a mindset healer and awareness coach, you may call me 9821612031 or mail me, i would be happy to take you towards your highest vibrations

Roop Lakhani
Tarot- Numerology - Karmic Reading - Vastu
Mindset Healer - Consciousness Coach 
Spiritual Catalyst for Higher Vibrations



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