Conscious Questions that can help you towards your Highest Growth

By Roop Lakhani - 09:05:00

Creating and asking questions has unlimited scope for growth and awareness. Awareness is the road to create wise choices. Your highest awareness is the key to reach your highest consciousness that can be the bridge to connect you to The Super Consciousness.

If you have the desire to achieve particular goals, change destructive habits, or make the world a better place, you can use the power of conscious questions to move yourself towards your desired outcomes and higher levels of life-satisfaction.

Einstein forever changed the landscape of science with his mathematical equations and theories. We all know Einstein's energy equation, E = M x C x C, but do we know what and how  our energy is generated?

May be we know it and maybe we do not know it.
The energy centers in our body is driven by our thoughts and feelings, our intake of food and oxygen and more. And the further powers to the progress is in, quality of questions are we asking ourselves, quality of conscious questions we ask to our ownselves and not Google God.

As per what Gandhiji also told us, “The power to question is the basis of all human progress.”

The mind starts to open up when we ask the right questions.The brain starts to search for the answers and also starts to gain more clarity. We can  be consciously asking questions that can gear towards goal achievement, personal growth or spiritual growth.

We all have the ability to choose and create life the desired changes by answering the right questions and getting the clarity. The power of Conscious Questions can move you towards your desired outcomes and higher levels of life-satisfaction.

What are Conscious Questions?

It is said that the human brain is at least 30 times more powerful than the most sophisticated computers in the world. Unfortunately, unless we consciously use our brain’s power to our advantage, the thoughts that we think and the cognitive responses that we have typically function as if we are living on unconscious autopilot.

 When you couple this truth with the fact that the human brain has an evolutionary bias towards negativity, in order to keep us safe, it is easy to see why achieving goals, changing habits n patterns, and finding fulfillment is so challenging for the vast majority of us.

In order to overcome the conditioned state of living unconsciously and move closer towards achieving our deepest held desires, we can consciously create questions, geared towards positivity and success, that we ask ourselves on a regular basis.

 Here at Access Consciousness, we believe that asking right Conscious questions can create the framework of every personal development and spiritual growth strategy. By taking the time to consciously explore these questions within one’s self, an individual can find creative solutions to the problems that are prohibiting them from finding fulfillment and move closer towards self-actualization. 
Conscious Questions: The Ultimate Tool for Growth
Would you like to ask conscious questions that can analyse your own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors? The process of nonjudgmental internal exploration, will certainly increase an individual’s self-awareness, and with this increase they can begin to correct prohibiting behavioral and cognitive patterns. On top of increasing awareness, there are other immense benefits that one obtains from the process of creating and asking conscious questions:

1. They help us reach our true self and identify our false ego and excessive desires. 
How many of us get temporarily influenced by others and then loose motivation? Many of the goals and desires that we come to believe are important to us are actually nothing more than a reflection of social influence and the illusion of self. 
We may desire certain things at the surface level of the ego, but at the more important and deeper levels of our being, we may not truly desire the materialistic things such as cars and bags, perfumes and watches. 

By asking conscious question, you can differentiate your ego’s goals from the deeper desires of your true self and focus on achieving the objectives that will bring you true happiness.

2. Energy grows where your focus goes. By throwing right questions, we can use the power of Intention to remind us of our priorities and goals and the power of Attention to keep ourself focussed on the necessary tasks.  

3. It can help in reaching your creative resources. We all have infinite resources and unlimited knowledge. By spending additional time thinking about potential solutions to the problems and challenges that you are facing, you will certainly discover new and creative ways to overcome the obstacles that are prohibiting your success. 

4. They can navigate the quality of the thoughts

5. They can influence the mindset and attitude

6. They can help us becoming more aware.

7. They can help us making wiser choices.

8. They can help us getting clarity.

9. They can help us raise the analytical powers.

10. They can help us reach our goals by making clear choices, removing confusions and conflicts.

11. It helps in internal exploration in nonjudgemntal ways.

12. It helps in reaching your highest growth.
And more and more

So there are 4 types of questions we can ask ourselves.

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