Give and Be Diya - Light The World

By Roop Lakhani - 14:27:00

We are light beings who likes to give. One likes to give because with giving comes recieving. The Hindi word 'diya' means 'to give' and in Hindi, diya also means  light.

One usually likes to give because with giving you feel good, you win the approval of others, you feel good with your contribution, you want to be appreciated, or even you give to win hearts of other people or you even do because you have some expectations of other one will return your favora of giving.

But at times we tend to overdo. When we give, we over give whether physically, mentally or emotionally and at times even financially. We over extend and then later we may feel burnt out.

When one over-gives, they think they are giving because it is the right thing to do, or may be their inherent nature is to be helpful or even they like to do because of some deep routed issue. 

When people have tendency of people- pleasing, they give without knowing that they go against their own needs and break their own boundaries, causing a downward spiral of anger, resentment, fear, guilt and inability to balance the self love and pleasing people. Of course, this can be due to lower self-esteem or childhood issues. 

Over-giving tends to come from generosity or even from hidden needs. 

It is an energetic transaction where we expect a return, even if that is just a praise or appreciation or simple acknowledgement.

Guess what, giving often leads to over giving. One should realise the healthy boundaries for one self and also for others.  Because when we give too much, we feel depleted, not energized. We might even feel annoyed at ourselves or with the other person.Over-giving is a symptom of imbalanced masculine and feminine energy within. We have this imbalanced yin yang energy within

Today be aware of your giving.
Check your deeper intentions behind giving

Are you overextending to share physical workloads, and if yes, why do you overdo? Do you feel burnout later, and if yes why?

Are you overextending in your thoughts and if yes, why do you overdo? Do you realise you get mentally over exhausted? And if yes, do you know where to draw healthy boundaries?

Are you overextending emotionally and if yes, why do you overdo? Do you realise you get angry, upset, resentful, guilty? And if yes, do you know where to draw healthy boundaries?

Are you overextending financially, and if yes, why do you overdo?  Do you get exhausted and then sacrificing your own needs? Do you sacrifice on your other loved ones needs too?

Check each time do you feel good when you give? Let the good feelings come with your giving.
And if any burnt out, angry, upset, sad, bad feeling come, check again with a question of why.

Five questions to knowing why you do what you do will give you exact understanding of the real purpose of giving. And if that answer is somewhat like

I like to give because I feel happy
I like to  give because I feel satisfied
I like to give because I feel accomplished
I like to give because I feel achieved

If this are your answers, then you can pat your back. You can feel proud about yourself and take the credit for giving.

But if you feel angry, upset, sad and bad after giving, you are pulling yourself in lower vibrations and then there is no need to feel misery and suffering. 

It is time to introspect for any unhealthy patterns that requires some kind of correction, edit and delete.

And you are the best person to shake your inner conscience to check. You have all the wisdom and knowledge to follow the path that gives you happiness, peace and harmony.

Give and Be DIYA -  Light the world.
Your spiritual friend
Roop Lakhani 

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