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By Roop Lakhani - 13:02:00

8 th March is declared as International Women's day. I like the concept of celebrating Women's day. You know why, because the full year we women are busy serving others before keeping ourselves the priority, so let's celebrate the day keeping ourselves as focus.

Women, today celebrate your day.

Even if you expect anything from your spouse, partner, men around, stop expecting and just celebrate your day. It is time to move forward and not remain stuck in negativity and complains. It is time to keep yourself happy. 

If you are taking the responsibility to keep yourself happy rather than expecting, do that.
If you can take conscious powers to help yourself rather than feeling helpless,do that.
If you can create whatever you want in kitchen you can create anything.
If you can handle multi task roles working outside for job, working at home, raising babies,  going shopping, chit hatting with friends, keeping house clean, enjoying life then you must pat your own back and say repeatedly

I am enough
I am more than enough

And if you are feeling helpless and hopeless then it is time to activate the Shakti in you

What is it that limits your real powers your real shakti?
Why have you chosen to stay undermining yourself?
What would allow you to get rid of those negative emotions and sabotaging beliefs?
What are you choosing and why are you choosing?
And what if you choose something different, who you would be? 
What benefits you would have to create that powers in you?
What is it in you who is choosing to be staying underdo and not a courageous tall person respecting self?
If you are the cause, how do you choose to change this? 
What small actions would you take to help yourself?
How much and by when do you commit to transform you?
Is it going to be a fleeting thought just like other thoughts, which you read and it went by
Or do you choose to make some transformation?
Are you ready to change your story?
Are you ready to change your perspectives?
Are you ready to change your perception lens?
Are you ready to replace sabotaging beliefs?
Are you ready to drop off your excuses?
Are you ready to drop off your emotional baggage?

If yes, I, Roop Lakhani, is aiming to raise your Shakti, activate your true powers for your well ring harmony and balance. I am committed to give my 100 percent if you are open, ready and willing to take some new path and new strategy for your balance and harmony.

You are the Shakti.
Each one of us has yin - yang inside us. 
The mn also needs a balance of yin yang energies and  so is for woman.

The yang energy is to be active, provide, build and lay solid foundation
The yin energy is to be passive, nurture, create and remain calm.

The yin yang concept seems to be opposing but also complementing. When the energies are in balance, they surely would be transforming each other when merged together. That's why it is said, a man is never complete without a woman and a woman is never complete without a man.

Today's stress tend to affect negatively to each one and therefore tends to affect health and well being.

The woman is playing the role of creative and passive, aggressive and calm, build and create and so is man
 Man is playing the role to actively participate in raising the children, supporting women at home.

Especially after the corona pandaemics the family values and support has increased with work-from-home situations.  

Our internal body organs are also yin yang, shiv shakti. Our space according to fengshui is also yin yang. Our mind is also yin yang. 

The autonomic nervous system is a part of the entire nervous system, acting mainly unconsciously and automatically, and influencing many organ functions such as heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate and sexual arousal.

 It is composed of the sympathetic (Yang) and parasympathetic (Yin) nervous system, which are always operational. These two parts of our nervous system need to be in balance to achieve the inner equilibrium. Sometimes the Yin part is more active, others the Yang, and in this way, our body stays in a balanced and homeostatic healthy quality state.

The life always runs with two opposing forces, day and night, good and bad, right and wrong and more. The two parts have to be merged with each other for transforming each other.

Each one of us has yin yang energies within us which needs balance within us. We cannot be very very aggressive and be a resilient person. We cannot be very very calm person  and not be active on our daily work activities and responsibilities.
 It requires balance, it requires harmony, it requires a creative flow, it requires both energies to balance each other when one is hyperactive.. 

The yin yang balance is there in our mind, actions and emotions.

 We all know that stress is bad for us – but what it actually means is that being sympathetically dominant for too long we are not spending enough time in the parasympathetic state, and we are missing out on the time we need to heal, regenerate and nourish our bodies.
We all know we cannot be sad and angry all the time.we require to introspect and consciously change. We require to be more aware and mindful.

 When the parasympathetic nervous system is unfortunately overrun, then the symptoms of “Yin deficiency” begin to appear like difficulties in sleep, muscle tightness, feelings of frustration, constant anxiety.

Who does not want good health and well being? The pandemics came in the right time to show up that we need to nurture ourselves for our health and well being.

There is nothing like positive and negative. It is our own way of understanding what is right for us. How much ever we tend to oversimplify the complexities of human behavior and experiences by placing them in one of the two categories — part or whole, negative or positive, competitive or collaborative — yin yang.

The point isn’t that one side is better than the other, but that all of those things are needed. They’re all part of the flow of the universe. They’re all part of each of us.

The necessity of each one is to create balance. Following this mindset, light and darkness lose their original associations and become part of the deeper dynamics at play in an individual’s journey.

So play your yin yang role in a balanced way. Yin is associated with darkness, depth, weakness, submission, intuition and femininity. Whenever you are on obsessively on yin side it will ask you opposite energies to balance you.  On the yang side, there is lightness, warmth, summer, aggression, rational thought and masculinity. When eve you are playing obsessively yang role, you would be asked to play yin role, you need to be calm, compassionate and nurturing rather than just being rational and obsessive. 

Let the yin yang energies merge into each other with your awareness and compassion and let it be transforming you. They both are one, they cannot exist without the other, they complement each other for their single existence. 

If any of the words resonate and if you are choosing balance in your life, you may ask for ayin yang energy balance of energies session or just ask for Intuitive  Consciousness session. I would surely guide you further.

Till then bring your Shiv Shakti powers for your fully enjoyable life and enjoy your being of balanced you.

Happy women's day

Your Spiritual Catalyst
Roop Lakhani

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