Sipping thoughts - Change Your Stuck Story

By Roop Lakhani - 10:52:00

"It's never too late to start over when you are stuck. Change your awareness, change the way you think, change the perspectives, change the mindset, change the way you speak, and something surely will be different." - Roop Lakhani

We often feel many a times, we are stuck, we are not growing. The truth is you are not stuck; you are a habitual being, repeat past mistakes, past unhealthy patterns, past unpleasant memories, and more. Every day is a new opportunity to expand your perspective, to accept more joy and to receive the goodness that is all around, if we attune to it. The perspectives and perceptions are tinted and hence we see from those tinted lens, view people, view situations and view world.

Your challenge in the next 24 hours is to write what you want, and bring that into focus and practice. The brain can be rewired, the hardware can be reprogrammed, it is like muscle, a new muscle can get stronger with exercise. So, if you are stuck, open yourself to the different thought, different perspectives, different habits, different mindset. 

Ask few questions 

“What if…” 

"How would it feel to open up in new ways?"

"How would it be to try new things?"

"What is possible by me?"

"What else is possible in this situation?"

"What else can I be, do or hav ethat can change the reality? "

"What differnt Energy, space and consciousness can I be so as to see a different outcome?"

 And don't look for the answers, don't stress, as your unconscious mind is doing its find, it may take time, wait for the answers to show up on its own, don't use your already always information stored inside..

 Be different from today onwards..

It is the first day of the year 2022

Your thoughts possess power, whether they are positive or negative. Though our minds are programmed to perceive threats and danger (the negativity bias), we can intentionally interrupt that pattern and anticipate (mentally be open to) the good. What if things turned out as well or even better than you have imagined? Because there is such a strong mind-body link, believing that something is possible, actually sets us in a better position to move towards it.

Additionally, our ideas do have an impact on our actions, and when we turn thoughts into action, we cannot help but set things in motion

When it comes to shaping our actions, our mind is our most powerful tool. It involves activity and engagement, contribution and participation, and actions are influenced by beliefs. So carry the beliefs that supports the action. Add right emotions. Visualize and feel into what it would be like to have things unfold in a way that supports you. Add some intention, say, “That or something better…” and give your best of best and you will see an accelerated momentum in your activity. The stuck will be unstuck.

Wishing you lots of growth and progress

Your Mindset Coach,

Roop Lakhani


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