Are You Aware Of Any Miracles?

By Roop Lakhani - 23:02:00

Miracles happen often

Miracles happen often but we hardly notice it, not that everyone realises as they don't have faith in the Super Miraculous Powers...He is capable of doing anything.. He is truly a Magician and keeps creating miracles in many of ours lives, and we need to acknowledge this Magician, he is none other than Universe/ God/ Allah/ Super Creator, whatever you want to name it.

To notice miracle, four things are necessary. First things is surrender to The Divine, second thing is believe it, third thing is be grateful, and fourth thing is be kind and compassionate.

How do you know a miracle is created? Everyday we are alive to see the morning rising sun, isn't that miracle? Our heart is beating everyday and pumping blood to those 30,000,000,000,000 cells so that they can do their metabolic activities!!! OMG!!!!

Everyday there is this fist-sized powerhouse heart beats (expands and contracts) 100,000 times per day, pumping five or six quarts of blood each minute, or about 2,000 gallons per day. OMG! ! 2000 gallons per day..isn't it a miracle that you don't have to do anything, and there is automatic machine heart pumps in oxygen and nutrient rich blood to sustain life       24 x 7 !!!! OMG !!! And we all know during this pandemic what is breathing issues, lungs issues, are due to COVID virus???!!!!

Fill your heart with love, light and gratitude for the biggest miracle you know; your existence, right here, right now, in this lifetime.

The best way to create miracles in your life is to expect them with every fibre of your being. Seek them out with all of your senses. 

Look for signs of their imminent arrival in every aspect of your life. When you meet someone new, keep your heart and mind open, wondering if they could be bringing with them a new opportunity for you to share your gifts. Know that you sharing your gifts could be the answer to their prayers.

I had a miracle too, a grey bearded wearing orange lungi, shirtless baba showing up to me and blessing me with abundance and prosperity, and i was not knowing but the knowing or feelings after meeting him, was as if some divine person walking in to change my fate!!! No doubt, the fate has changed much after but I took it as good omen from that day...

There was a joy of offering some fruits and lunch and money, but the joy of recieving was indescribable in words. The joy of giving is just as important to our Souls as the joy of receiving and this reciprocal sharing of energies can be just what you need in order to get you to the next level.

Miracles come in many forms. They may be physical or they may be energetic. A miracle could be a healing which did not seem possible; it could be an opportunity that comes seemingly out of nowhere; it could be a material object that you have been desiring for quite some time; or an adventure or experience you never thought you would be able to participate in; it could be Love, passion or romance walking into your life when you least expect it; or it could be sun shining brightly despite the forecast saying it is supposed to rain.

One day when I was healing a client, there were such an overwhelming feelings from my client, "I have never ever felt like this, icould clear up so much of mental fog, the back ache disappeared in 5 mins which was there since last 20 years coming on and off but never gone fully, I  could visualize my future bright and clear and I can understand how my life is heading." Isn't this also a miracle??

Know that you can be the miracle in life of the other.

Some may find it small, but appreciate the small miracles and know that bigger ones will follow. Affirm to the Universe that you notice the abundance of miracles that surround you at all times, and experience miracles surround you at all times.

Life is a school where we learn lots of lessons, God takes our test by giving us challenges and we often pass many test, some are difficult and some are easy. Learning the lessons, experiencing all the world has to offer, discovering our talents and sharing them with others is a way to participte in the test. Know that this is the true meaning of miracle. You may ask questions such as,

"How can I be even more open to miracles blossoming in my life?"

"What are the miracles that are occurring now?"

"How am I miracle for others?” 

Have a miracle filled life,

"Majestic wonders are unfolding for you, miracles are happening to you. Watch for them and embrace them." - Roop Lakhani

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