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By Roop Lakhani - 12:20:00

"A desire changes nothing. A decision changes something but a determination changes everything." - Roop Lakhani

A desire leads towards action or no action  but the determination creates emotional feeling that allows perseverance towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. Burning desire is a great motivating force for you to take actions. It motivates you to dream bigger and achieve higher. It inspires you and keeps you moving even when faced with adversities. Burning desire and determined efforts pushes you to display your ultimate potential. It makes you believe in yourself and your dreams. It makes you stand a little firmer, and also successful

Once you are successful, it gives you hopes and hopes when fulfilled by your actions towards desired results gives you powers. It serves as a motivational force to look to the brighter side of life.

And Power is transformative. It transforms you from a coward to a confident and resilient person. The true power makes you believe in yourself and your abilities. Not only does it open the doors to new opportunities but also it gives you the confidence to take risks, become authentic, take charge on your emotions and actions.

Would you like to work on your will power?

Would you like to really activate your true powers?

Would you like to identify your power blocks?

Would you like to know why you cannot take care of your powers??

I am here to help you know your energy blocks towards reaching your true powers.

I am here to let you gain insights to how you can activate your true powers.

I am here to show you your childhood wounds that could have taken away your true powers.

I am here to show you your sabotaging beliefs that is blocking your peace, progress and prosperity, fulfilling relationships.

I am here to show you your emotional unhealthy patterns that could be stopping you to reach your highest growth

It is a process. It is a journey and not destination. The other word is healing. It just requires a small push, a small guidance, a small awareness. You exactly know that the answers to all your problems lie within.

Would you choose you being powerful?

Would you choose to activate your true powers??

If yes then call to book your appointment? 

I would love to guide you for activating all your energy centers for your true powers

Roop Lakhani

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