What is in store you after 4 th December New Moon energies

By Roop Lakhani - 13:57:00

4th December New Moon Total Solar Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius sign is bringing good change, transformation and growth in each one's life. 

Sagittarius energies are known for future vision, optimism, beliefs, spirituality, truth, international matters, and the quest for higher knowledge. When a total solar eclipse activates this energy, it initiates life-changing events in this area of life.

A challenge during this new eclipse portal is to align with your truth but refrain from overly forcing it on others. Be aware of communication. Sometimes honest and harsh communication may bring sudden and harsh endings alongwith stress. Prepare for your mindset, beliefs, emotions, patterns and the ideas you have for your future to be challenged and changed for your highest growth. 

Let's see what is in store for each zodiac signs

Aries : Knowledge is your super power. Use it anywhere, travel, spirituality, higher learning, or wisdom. Align with your higher self and align with your future visions, invest in yourself and learn, relearn and grow.

Taurus : You are valuable. Transformation is coming to your shared resources, joint investments, inheritances, loans, and other people’s money. Rearrange your finaces with new income, investments and savings, and feel abundant.

Gemini : Change and growth is positive. Work on relationships, agreements, and interpersonal connections, work relations, partnerships, being honest, and you will see major transformation. Be in balance and harmony, and tap into new opportunities to become who you are meant to be.

Cancer : You need to focus on self care, well being, work and good health. New creative projects are on your way. Structure and restructure to manage your needs with all work - life - health balance.

Leo : You need to voice out what you feel like doing in expressing yourself best, at creativity, devoting new home or with love romance relation. You may feel renewed sense of happiness doing what you enjoy, may it be hobby or creative project or home or personal love life.

Virgo : You need to express your boundaries to what you would like to create the reality surrounding family life, home matters. Remember to pace yourself when there is any tension in any new projects, collaboration opportunities or any exciting contracts.

Libra : it is time to speak up, in connection to family, finances, arned income or investments. You have given away what you truly need and now is the time to reclaim, especially communication, agreements, and relationships, especially when expansive changes surrounds money and investments.

Scorpio : You need to focus on finances, increasing networth and increasing self worth. Focus on work, routine, and health. Take the leadership role you deserve, or receive the right support you need on your team. Make changes that are beneficial to your mind, body, and soul for the long term.

Sagittarius : This is a time of sudden breakthroughs followed by expansion and self-confidence.You will also be driven to communicate your needs within new contracts, share your wisdom with others, and also shift thought patterns that have limited you, your personality, your identity and your visions.

Capricorn : Focus on you and wellness, and finaces. Tap into your subconscious mind with regards to limiting beliefs and patterns, and work on it. Tap into new opportunities with a fresh mindset. Work on ancestral or parental wounds. Changes are seen when you wish to communicate your needs with courage and authenticity. 

Aquarius : You are feeling a change in the long-term vision for your life, career, career change or new direction. There is luck, abundance and growth when it comes to hopeps, dreams and long term visions. 

Pisces : it is time for higher learning and activating your growth. It’s time to level up professionally and move toward a more aligned life path and career of your desire, it may require a change or different direction.

Awaiting for your highest growth through your mind, 
With much love and gratitude from 
Your Mindset Healer and Consciousness Coach, Roop Lakhani

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