How To Balance Life

By Roop Lakhani - 00:18:00

How to balance life??

The only way to balance life is experience, and be observing your experience with high awareness.

The state of higher-awareness has its higher intelligence downloaded from above. This helps us in experiencing the different facets of life, just by observing the life, without adding meanings of your own, without adding emotional charge on it.

 The higher awareness creates your awareness to create better choices. It is also what allows you to no longer behave like a “reactive” being, rather you become a conscious being  who like to "respond" like a matured evolved person, who now has the choice to stay in a state of balance and thus have a balanced experience of life.

Your level of awareness is not directly proportional to your age or how many years you lived. It depends on the age of the soul. The soul travels over many lives, learns from experiences, applies wisdom and grows. Some soul do not learn even after many incidence due to biased perspectives and superfluous ego. 

You could be having a brighter side or darker side. Each life gives you an opportunity to learn the lesson and grow. Depending on your soul strength, you learn and evolve. Or else you keep going though similar lessons life over life and you tend to remain in similar experiences.

What happens then?? The inner freedom is lost, the balance of life is lost, brains fogs clear thoughts, there is drama and trauma in a relationship, and then what happens????

Fears, Anxieties, Confusion, Illusion, Role of martyr, Role of Victim, and more.

And then what??

Either you remain stuck in vicious loops of fearful mind or you start uplifting yourself to feel light, free and be your ownself, the true nature of yours that is being free and light.

Without this space of inner freedom one is bound to have a hard time dealing with the flux instigated by this growth of awareness.
Without this space of awareness, one cannot make choices.
Without the right choices, one cannot have a wise mind.
Without having the wise mind, one cannot go within.

So here comes your balance with your higher awareness

Hoping you find your balance of life without much of drama and trauma

Roop Lakhani

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