Are You Connected To Your Authentic Self ?

By Roop Lakhani - 10:32:00

Deep down our authentic self knows when we are pretending, do you agree?

Why do we pretend? We need to pretend when we cannot embrace our own weakness and vulnerabilities. We pretend because we think, what others will feel. We pretend because we care for other people.

Why can't we be ourself? We are conditioned and programmed human beings from childhood, from society, from religion, from parental values, from age old collective beliefs. It is not easy to uncondition and deprogramme. There is a fear of rejection and disapproval. We love to be loved.

Why do we need to mask? We mask our emotions, our gestures, our behaviours, our truth. We believe to keep ourselves loved, connected, bonded, approved. We are scared of other people's judgements and opinions. We are social being.

Why do we love to please people? May be we are conditioned to be 'mr nice' or ' miss nice' since is deeply programmed and we don't know how to deprogramme

 Why do we not say the truth or hide truth or refine truth? May be it is not easy to digest truth. May be we are unable to face our vulnerabilities. May be we are hurt and wounded people. May be we care for others.

Life can never be a set of positive experiences. The unpleasant experience can shake us, gets fears inside our system, allows us to remain away from the truth, fogs our mental peace and clarity.

Try onetime, gathering courage to speak your truth.
Try saying NO when you want to say NO.
Try drawing boundaries appropriately when required.
Try snatching 'me time' and nurture yourself.
Try disagreeing when you do not wish to agree.
Try breaking societal old beliefs.
Try gathering courage for your fears.
Try seeking clarity for your doubts.

Looks impossible? Any word has nudged your deeper mind? Any self conversation started? Then pay attention to it.

It is all possible. We are living in infinite world of possibilities. We cannot be limited. We cannot be limited in our thinking. We cannot remain outdated in our mind programming. We can rewire the brains thought process. We can choose fresh perspectives. We can choose positive mindset. We can choose our karmas.we can be co - creator to create reality of our choice. We no longer stand to remain victim.

If you are facing any concerns, challenges, any issues in any aspects of life, remember you have not tried the right mindset. Somewhere you could be fearful or staying in ignorance or avoiding to step into unknown or not wanting to give up comfort zone..what is it for you??

If you have not figured out till now, if you do not know the benefits of being authentic, it is time to go deeper. If you feel like connecting with me, discussing with me, I would love to do it over a phone.

And if you think, it is not possible to create any transformation for your stuck life, negative situations, remember  I am a catalyst who can speed up the process of changing mindsets, choices and your consciousness to design your life.

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