Some Habits Are Good *Forgive easily*

By Roop Lakhani - 09:33:00

Some Habits Are Good
*Forgive easily*

Often we get hurt by people, especially when we are sensitive, sometimes rightfully and sometimes because of the sensitive nature... And we repeat that thought for many days and many years. We cannot forget and forgive easily.  The vest part is, we don't even realise when we hurt others unconsciously. How would that be? It is like exchanging invisible mental arrows with loved ones. This all creates an emotional wound and scar on your heart. 

How do you bandage this emotional scar or emotional wound?

Here is a beautiful hoopponopo prayer whenever you are hurt or you have hurt anyone

I am sorry 🌹
Please forgive me 🙌🏻
I love you 💗
Thank you 🙏🏼

Chant this and this powerful words will do wonders of the hurt energy to love energy.. and also it will act like an ointment for the emotional wounds...yes it is a smooth way to do it!! ✨

*Roop Lakhani*

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