Some GHabits Are Good - Play

By Roop Lakhani - 10:13:00

Some Habits Are Good

When we are small, people often ask what do you wish to become? And we become.ambitious and career oriented. We get involved in materialistic. And when we get tired of taking up responsibility, then we wonder, how we can become childlike again, we never got time to play and have fun all these years!!    
True!  Play brings our inner child. How often we remember those play, thrills, masti, hobbies and more we kept doing when we had no responsibility as a child.

Today, dance around the room, Go wild, do something what you were doing as a child, laugh, talk with school friend, get back to those fun times of childhood, color  play with sand, play with mud, play with paper boats, play with clay, dress up how you dress up for fancy dress costume in the school, play snake and ladder, play uno, play carrom, play cards, play zero cross, Play antakshari, play and create your playful day, create something just for fun!! 
Dont judge yourself, don't think it is foolish, just do it!! We are been conditioned to prove ourselves, to be working, to be performing, to be successful and goal oriented, and we forget why play is so important and also healing. 

So just go, play, laugh and don’t worry about the outcome or if there is something “better” you could do with your time. Trust me, you would have fun!

*Roop Lakhani*

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