What Is Mirror Talking To You Today

By Roop Lakhani - 16:04:00

*What Is Your Mirror Talking To You?

Contrary to what your usual narrative may tell you, ask yourself, Who Is That Fabulous Person Staring Back At You?  It is a day to reflect on your awesomeness, your uniqueness inside and out. It’s so easy to overlook one’s spark between schedules, work, and life responsibilities. It is a reminder to treat yourself in a kinder and more tender way today. So take a few minutes today, and share your thoughts

✍️Compliment yourself each time to walk past a mirror. What do you love about your physical self? Your eyes, your lips, your compassion, your smile...
✍️When you look at yourself in the mirror, don't pinpoint the things that you aren't happy with. Appreciate what you were born with and acknowledge the fact that you are you, and that is something to celebrate.
✍️Wear your favorite color and remind yourself how flattering the color looks on you.
✍️Write an inspiring quote on your mirror  or on a notepad or on your mobile notes
✍️Comeon now, focus on your strengths and wonderful qualities! Using one word, share what compliment you are paying yourself today… (beautiful, caring, brave, funny, open, strong, curious, kind, cheerful, optimistic, bubbly …) (Shhh. .don't get into critical thoughts, I am ugly, coward..)

*Roop Lakhani*

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