February 2021 energy

By Roop Lakhani - 10:03:00

February 2021, when we add 2 and 2021, it comes to number 7. Astrologically number  7 is representes by Ketu. 

Ketu is the natural significator of Moksha or Ultimate Liberation. Ketu is inclination towards spirituality and occult sciences along with detachment from the outer world. How about having detachment and become detached observer to enjoy life without pain and suffering?? Ketu also represents dissatisfaction from many domains of life such as marriage and career. People are frustrated with their job without knowing with awareness that it is the medium through which you bring energy of money,the one which brings you peace, comfort and happiness..it is time to bless job, boss and marriage partner who brings us some comfort and security.

Numerologicaly number 7 symbolizes humanity's deep inner need to find depth, meaningful life and spiritual connection. How many of us are seeking the ultimate truth that brings us light and lighter feelings, and that comes with self discovery, self introspection and spirituality. When human needs such as food, self-expression, material and domestic achievements have been met, they turn to the deeper levels of life — to self respect, to learn, to educate themselves and find purposeful meaningful passionate life. It is the month to bring more light into our dark spheres of life.

In tarot cards, number 7 of major aarcana is the chariot. It symbolises success, determination, will power, actions and more.

The Chariot Tarot card shows a brave warrior standing inside a chariot. Although he appears to be driving the chariot, the charioteer holds no reins. Often we hold the chariot of our life without holding reins of awareness. 

He wears an armour which has 2 crescent moons which represents what is coming into being. He wears  a tunic with a square which represents his will power and determination. The laurel and star crown signals victory, success and spiritual evolution.  This indicates, it is time for us to bring success in our life with will power and determination to go ahead with what ever challenges we faced last year.

The charioteer stands tall – there’s no sitting down for this guy, as he’s all about taking action and moving forward. Above his head is a canopy of six-pointed stars, suggesting his connection to the celestial world and the Divine will. It denotes, that it is time to act and not sit back or be lazy.

 In front of the vehicle sit a black and a white sphinx, representing duality, positive and negative, opposing forces.  The black and white sphinxes are pulling in opposite directions, but the charioteer uses his willpower and sheer resolve to steer the chariot forward in the direction he wants. This denotes, weall need to rule out what is good for us and what is not good for us, build on our values and make our character strong.

Behind the chariot flows a wide river, symbolic of the need to be ‘in flow’ with the rhythm of life while also charging ahead toward your goals and intentions...this denotes, life is a flow and we need to flow with flow of life...just like any flowing river if it does not flow turns into puddle and stagnation.

Overall the February month of 2021 says that it is time to act and make your being stronger and willpowered, to get into the depth, find actions that can drive you towards meaningful life. It is time to be self reflective, get into the depth of authentic you and be more Resilient.

Wishing you life of meaning and passion by being a detached observer,

Roop Lakhani

Consciousness coach

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