How psychological immunity helps you

By Roop Lakhani - 14:20:00

Are we all immune to covid 19 virus? The research and studies show that we get immune by 8 months...don't know the real facts as all is a research...

Many people get covid inspite of not stepping out and many people step out and yet do not get covid!

What is the secret behind this? May be the immunity, may be inner strength, may be positive mind, may be precautions we take, may be some other hidden factors, may be unknown reasons..

When it comes to immune system, what can we do to our body?
Your immune system acts as your buffer, bodyguard, or happy healing enteurage that protects you from the pollutants and toxicity of your environment.. 

The skin always helps protecting you from any separation.... Often people get skin rash or skin issues when they get separated from their loved ones. One client had come to me with her 8 months baby having the skin rashes, and no medicines helping her... After interaction with the mother, realised that the mother had delivered the baby at her mother's house in India and then she went abroad after the baby was 7 months. The baby was used to the touch, care of grandparents, and the baby had gone through the emotional separation and it showed up on the skin... Now you may ask, how 7 months baby would have felt the separation? But emotions can be felt by anyone, any humans, any baby too!

The skin is a layer that protects you from outside world and it shows up first when it has to go through a feelings of separation.

Emotions are part of our physical health and every human being is strongly connected to their internal space with their thoughts, feelings, perceptions and how they derive the meaning of the percieved situation. 

What I understand after being a healer is , that your physical and psychological both immunity can oy help you for your mental,emotional and physical well being.

I had come across a client at age of 37 years who had severe rheumatoid arthritis and sun allergy. As usual, when I meet a client for thir health issues, my inner radar starts searching for the emotional cause which can create the health issues. Ofcourse with lots of probing, interacting and digging inner emotional issues, the reason was known that she was not okay with her fathers ways and behaviours at home on daily base from her 7 th year to seventeen years of her age and she got married at the age of 18. She was having less intensity of arthritis but after marriage the in-laws and husband were also very disciplined and lots of structured ways of working at home, with too many stress factors of work loads,rituals,bringing up baby had resulted into severe health issues. There were lots of adjustment she had to made to adjust herself and with time the arthritis condition was becoming severe that she could not hold utensils well. Was she not immune to? 

Have you heard of people uttering, 'I am immune to'! What does immune means, may be it means that you get used to people, situations, touch, behaviour, mindset...??!!

A young girl of 24 years had come to me with nuts allergy. After a few sessions she shared about her marriage day story.  The bride and the groom had fight on the lunch table in front of the relatives and family. The bride was having nuts when the fights had happened.

What are your allergies trying to say to you? If they’re over-reacting to your environment, take a step back and look at what experiences you’re letting in. Is there anything “toxic” about your daily life? A person, situation, or freezing trauma? Perhaps your allergies are actually protecting you and offering you an excuse to skip that lunch. 

With great boundaries, we’re able to maintain our happy, healthy homeostasis within our bodies and auras while walking through life, toxicity, pain, and trauma. But there is a thin line of bondary when it comes to emotionally crossing it, you don't realise when you cross it...

The stronger our energetic and psychological boundaries, the less allergy symptoms we experience.

I have found that the higher we vibrate, the higher the psychological immune system the less we are “allergic” to foods, skin products, environments, thoughts, and peopleWhen our bodies are set to “peace, love, and harmony, the optimal health, is already achieved” although it is pretty challenging to navigate through a world of chaos, frustration, and illness. 

The key to happy life is A B C, Aceeptance, Balance, Choose to create the life of your desire..

Wishing you a meanigful passionate immune life,

Roop Lakhani

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