December month Tarot Numerology meaning

By Roop Lakhani - 11:22:00

Decemeber, 12th month of 2020, 12 + 2020 = 7 , reresented by Neptune, planet of evasiveness, fantasy, imagination, mystery, and spiritualism.

Neptune represents a guiding light that guides humanity, soul spirit and consciousness. We all need to be with higher consciousness to recieve divine knowledge to keep us uplifted.

Neptune ask us to connect with our deeper inner world, with the inner space that gives subtle and  non-verbal messages, which is insightful to lead us for our higher growth. In the end, our outer world is reflection of our inner world. 

Neptune also ask us to be imaginative and intuitive, and be more creative. In corona times, we all have become more creative and imaginative than begore

The current time teaches us to do self exploration, go within and build a stronger internal world,  as we want the outer world to look like.

It is about aligning our thoughts with our inner self, our higher self, our true self.
When we can align our thoughts with our own personal truth, that is when we can raise our level of consciousness and feel on track with the destiny of our soul.

 Neptune’s fine delicate influence can be overrun by other planetary influences.
Social services,humanity, spirituality, fine arts, acting, music or singing, healing, spirituality is going to be more active professions by the year end. 

Number 7 in tarot's major arcana card is represented by The Chariot. The key words that expresses chariot are control, willpower, success, action, determination, self-discipline.

The charioteer is a brave warrior standing inside a chariot, without holding reins suggesting he combines his strength and will to drive the chariot. He is wearing an armour decorated with crescent moons shows his strong being to overcome any challenges or emotions, a tunic with a square  suggesting the strength of will to focus on goals and duties.

The laurel and star crown signals victory, success and spiritual evolution. Above his head is a canopy of six-pointed stars, suggesting his connection to the celestial world and the Divine will.

 In front of the vehicle, sit a black and a white sphinx, representing duality and opposite polarity, positive and negatives. Note how the sphinxes are pulling in opposite directions, yet the charioteer uses his willpower and sheer resolve to steer the chariot forward in the direction he wants.

Behind the chariot flows a wide river, symbolic of the need to be ‘in flow’ with the rhythm of life while also charging ahead toward your goals and intentions.

December month is a time for us to move on our journey with strong will and determination, things we weren’t seeing clearly before will now make their way to the forefront, and offer a great deal of feedback to help us make important decisions moving forward to witness one of the greatest shifts humanity has ever experienced.

 The two opposing forces of creative, emotional, intuitive and nurturing feminine sides with a great action oriented, logical, analytical masculine sides will work in coordination to allow us to be in flow.

 Already the covid 2020 has taught us to go beyond age old patterns and habitual conditioning way of working. People have started valuing feminine work activities, learnt the values of time, family,work in much updated manner.

For many of us, we have stepped out of fear and survival patterns, there is new learnings already taken place. The 2021 is preparing us to adjust to a new way of being, that is in alignment with, I AM presence.

As we transcend through challenges and changes,  we drop old patterns and create new space to integrate and heal to happy and peaceful nature. Asking questions such as,

“What does my life look like when I am at peace and happy?”

“What are some things I enjoyed doing as a child or as an adult that I can integrate into my life now?”

“What thoughts, actions or inner state will make me feel expansive and light?”

Answering these questions can help us get clear on what we really want to experience more of.

The Universe wants to give us everything we’ve ever desired for ourselves. It’s just a matter of how open we are to receiving it.

The act of love, peace and kindness will shift the energies for all of us as the year is coming to completion. It will open our mind, eyes, and heart to knowing that life is much more than hiding or separating ourselves from others.
It’s about living and sharing our gifts generoysly and openly.

12 th Dec that is 1212 numerology code gives us the opportunity to see things from an even greater perspective and level of consciousness. 

We all have a light body or a field of energy that exists around us. Our light body has many different layers to it, but once activated, our light body allows us to travel across dimensions and into higher realms of consciousness and awareness.

On 12/12/2020, we can activate our higher mind with more ease to view the events of our lives from a higher state of awareness, just by chanting 'i recognise higher awareness and I realign myself to higher awareness'.

This higher state of awareness is essentially the ability to see all things through the eyes of love, to give and recieve unconditional love with least judgement. The highest frequency we can attract is when we vibrate with love frequency.

All our problems, struggles and suffering arises because we are not loving and accepting enough, we feel we are not good enough or abundant enough, and we operate from lack feelings. When we understand that love surrounds us and flows within us and through us for everything and everyone, when we accept ourselves and others the way we are, we can create a better world to live in.  

Let us welcome 2021 by creating higher vibrations within our light bodies by light beings.

With much love, 
Roop Lakhani
Tarot, Karmic reading, Healer, Counsellor, Coach

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