Poem... I am who I am.. and I am a proud Energy Healer

By Roop Lakhani - 01:11:00

One thing that I truly love about myself is that I cannot pretend or fake, and yet when I have to pretend and fake, I am not my true self and that makes my behaviours distorted

People like to see your smiles but not your tears
It is easy to say,  everything will be fine when everything is not fine over the years

Sometimes you face difficulties and you don't understand what is the way out 
You don't ask for help, thinking it is your problem, why bother others
You don't share to your closed ones because they are also in same problem
You share with others and yet there is no difference in finding solutions, so you don't share with others

Healer and therapist are the ones who help you that time
They come with higher awareness and they judge nothing
They stick to the truth and show you the truth

For me, I am proud to say I am a healer and therapist
I value mind and mindset
I am sensitive and empathetic to people's emotions and their sensitivities

the mind is the only tool that has created problems and that can also solve problems
And that is why I give importance to mind

Emotions come and go
Anger, sadness, helplessness and hopelessness need to flow
They can be asked to keep quiet, suppressed and repressed for some little time, not all the time

Subconscious mind is the emotional storehouse, it will store all memories
It will create dramas, traumas, stressors and repeated patterns till the time you have not resolved it..
It is diificult to understand conscious mind, forget how will you understand the subconscious mind!!

You require an empathetic compassionate wise person who can listen to you and guide you

What is the meaning of life if it is not easy, effortless, full of fun and grace??!!

Soemtimes you have to bear the brunt, Soemtimes you have to do all your duties and responsibilities without any choice, and you may feel burdened and stressed. How long can you stay without happy life?

Ithe answer is mind and emotions
We have to learn to manage them well or else it will run on auto mode..

One thing I have a special gift is I can catch people's thoughts

One thing is I cannot openly say my pains...

One thing I love about myself, I seek truth rather than manipulation and lies

One thing I like about my life experiences is I have become bold and courageous

I was always caring but I do not know how to butter people

I am authentic in my say and actions
If I am upset from loved ones I would like to ask, talk, clarify the misunderstanding rather than bad mouthing or back biting

I cry easily when I am hurt and upset
I get more hurt and upset when people are not sensitive to my tears

I don't like when people hide or mask

I don't like when my close people don't talk to me

I keep my mouth shut sometimes not because I am wrong because I don't want to hurt

I speak up sometimes because I feel I can't take anymore

I do realize how difficult it is for most people to bare their hearts, and show their true self - even to themselves.

Hence, I know that this article will touch many hearts.....

Don't be fooled by the face I wear.

For I wear a mask, a thousand masks, masks that I am afraid to take off.(not for corona virus)

Yes, but I give importance to mind

When I have no money in my bank account, I give the impression that I am secure, that all is sunny and unruffled with me, within as well as without.... Is that my pretence or is that my courage?

That confidence is my name and coolness is my game.

Now I have learnt how to play the life game
It is ok to be criticized and blamed by others
It is ok to face fears and tensions
It is the mind game
What you need is your authenticity
What you need is your brilliance
What you need is your alignement to what you think and how you act

Each one comes here to learn
Everyone makes mistakes
You have also made some mistakes

Forget and forgive yourself
Forget and forgive others
Live in the beautiful moment NOW without any past baggage or future worries

This time will never come back

If you are not ok, and you are showing up to people you are fine  and at heart of heart you are in emotional turmoil, then feel light to connect with me, I have various tools to support you

If beneath lies smugness, and not real you, if there is any confusion,  fear, aloneness, helpless, hopeless, worries, anxieties and doubts, call me.
Don't hide this, I don't want you to be any more like this.

Don't panic at the thought of weakness and fear being exposed.
Don't get more exploited, used or abused
Don't get rejected, criticised or blamed
Don't feel unclear, confused or doubtful
Tpu don't need to pretend any mask and fake it
I am here to guide you and uplift you from the muddy ground
I am going to show you the insights that increases your awareness to empower you
Because I have thrown all mask, all pretense
I have embraced all fears and doubts-
I have risen above all challenges and confusions
I want you also to be there

And I know it, that is, if it is followed by your self loving and acceptance approach, you will be there in minutes

Be compassionate to your own self 

Be compassionate to others needs and sensitivities

You have enough to help others 

You have enough to contribute to others

Take up your responsibility because that is the only thing that can liberate you from your chained self.

I have broken my limited and negative thought, I have come up from my own self built prison walls, I have crossed the barriers of sabotaging beliefs and emotions that kept me stuck and victimised

I have honored myself when people have taken away my honors 
I have respected myself even when people disrespected me
I have become fearless, no fears can stop me
I have become resilient, as I can balance myself in jiffy

I know myself well.. I can proudly say I love and accept myself with who I am and I am the best

And so now I play life of game  in a different way

Only you can call me into aliveness.

Each time I am kind, gentle and encouraging, I like myself more
Each time I forget and forgive myself and others, I like myself more.
Each time I try to understand others I like myself more

My heart begins to grow wings, very small wings and hug everyone with love and acceptance

With my sensitivity, empathy and power of understanding
I can breathe life into me

I am a possibility

I am my true self

Being myself is not about defining myself or discovering the real me, it is all about inviting those capacties, gifts and possibilities even if no one else gets it. 

Knowing your gifts, believing in it even when no one appreciates you is the best self appreciation for your true self.. don't pick up people's feelings, thoughts and judgements.. they would be there always..believe in yourself without judging yourself as you are amazing

Would you choose to be a deliberate creator of your meaningful existence, without judging you or judged by others?

Would you like to be a possibilitarian and your true self?

Then call me , 9821612031
Roop Lakhani
I am a mystic science consultant, counsellor, healer and coach
Surely I will be able to take you for your meaningful life with accelerated highest potentials

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