July month energies

By Roop Lakhani - 16:12:00

The energies that came in June were asking us to go beyond our comfort zone. Last three months energies were  feeling lost, confused, insecured, unsafe. There is lots of fears and anxieties in people. This is leading collective at global level. This has led us at a breakdown point of experiencing some sort of emotional, mental, financial, spiritual or even physically. Breakdowns come for breakthroughs through breaking of limiting old patterns. 

Today is 1 st July and It has come to alert us to create fresh creative enegies. It has come to shake the Divine Masculine Shakti energy and Divine Feminine Love energy within us.

Divine Love is the most powerful feminine energy in each one of us. It solves all problems as it judges nothing. It carries mother earths nurturing energies, mother's caring energy and feminine creative energies within each one of us. 

Divine shakti is  the most powerful masculine energy in each one of us. It creates our inborn strength each one of us has. It carries the powers that can invoke the right actions needed at right time.

What we require is compassion for our ownselves with lots of acceptance and mindfulness. 

To recognise this

Let's chant

The mother earth is my soul's love

The Love within my heart is my soul's love

The shakti within me is my soul's love

The powers within me is my soul's love

My safety is my soul's love

My survival is my soul's love

Thank you for reading this

With much love and gratitude

Roop Lakhani

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