No Gyaan Without Guru

By Roop Lakhani - 11:32:00

With so much gyaan on the internet, it is possible to get confused while you wish to learn Tarot Cards on your own, but always remember there is no gyaan without Guru. 

Have you learnt cards on your own and want to polish uour skills like professionals? 

Don't think too much. Find a Guru, Teacher, Coach.i learnt from Guru and then I thought few more meanings from internet will help me.. yes, it did help me, but I had studied for 2 years patiently trying different meaning and different spreads.

What I realised is all sites are not greta and the meanings are not appropriate. I started journalling, making several notes and crazy writing. Yes, the research and effirts paid off, but with lots of time waste. So back to the same advise, Lean from Guru, there is no gyaan without Guru.

Yes, it is possible to learn from Guru, become expert and then blow your seekers away with your uncanny ability to read Tarot cards!

How do you get better at reading Tarot cards?
 Do you want to improve your Tarot reading skills?
 If you wish to give better Tarot readings, and read like a pro this guide is for you! 

There are no hard and fast rules stating how to get better at Tarot; the way which you go about it will depend on how you learn, from whom you learnt and how much you practiced.  Obviously, in time everyone who reads Tarot will become better at it, but there are a few things which you can do to speed up the process. 

6 steps necessary
1. Believe in Tarot
2. Believe in Yourself that you will be able to read and interpret the cards
3. Learn the meanings of the cards well.
4. Learn to intepret the cards while using different spreads.
5. Use your intuition while reading cards and couple the knowledge of cards along with intuition while reading cards.
6. Feel free to contact your Guru if you find the cards difficult.

That's it
Looking forward to coach you
You may contact me for learning Tarot Cards Professionally,
Your Tarot Coach
Roop Lakhani

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