Stressed Mind

By Roop Lakhani - 10:26:00

Stressed Mind

Ever find yourself caught in the whirlwind of life, feeling as if your nerves are on high alert, and your stress levels are soaring?

In the fast paced modern world, it’s too easy to accumulate negative energy that weighs us down physically, mentally, and emotionally.
What are you doing about it? 
Do you cleanse the negative energy? 
Want some easy ways?!

Here is an easy way to cleanse negative energy
Deep breathing - Practice diaphragmatic breathing, focus on the slow, controlled intake and release of breath. It’s about inhaling deeply through the nose, allowing the diaphragm to expand, and exhaling gradually through the mouth.
That's it.
Mentally if anything is disturbing you, consciously choose to let it go.

Here is an easy way to cleanse negative energy
PMR Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a systematic approach of tensing and subsequently releasing different muscle groups throughout the body with consciously chosen commands. The key is to pay meticulous attention to each muscle group, discerning the subtle transition from tension to relaxation.

Need some more help?!
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