Wishes or Regrets?

By Roop Lakhani - 10:06:00

Wishes are the whispers of the heart, seeking to color your life canvas.
Wishes are the seeds of dreams; with dedication and effort, they can bloom into reality.
Regrets are the Wishes that we don't pursue.

We often look at the star and wish the wish comes true.
We often take the fallen eyelash and put it above the palm, and wish if that comes true.
We often wish before we cut the birthday candles.

Many of us have such wish that we have not pursued

Which Wish of yours you do not wish to make it regret?

Wish I had loved the people who matter to me
Wish I was a better parent, spent time with my children rather than working day and night
Wish I could take better care for my health
Wish I had pursued my dream and followed my passion 
Wish I would have enjoyed my life, and could balance well work n life
Wish I had seek some ones help and support or guidance and could have the awareness to sort my life earlier.

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