3 X of Life

By Roop Lakhani - 13:07:00

3 X of Life

X factor - A person can stand out uniquely by embracing their individuality, cultivating their strengths, pursuing their passions, and contributing positively to their community. Being authentic, confident, and open-minded can also help someone differentiate themselves from others. Remember, it's about embracing what makes you genuinely special and using that to make a positive impact.

X ray vision - just like x ray can scan the bones and soft tissue image in black and white, we all can have our vision to black and white and make ourselves claer to what is right for us and what is not right for us. Also we can understand to know ourselves with the VITALS, values, interest, temperament, around the clock activities, life mission and meaningful goals,  strengths and weaknesss

Xcellence - we all can reach to excellence when we strive to choose something you're genuinely passionate about. Having a strong sense of purpose and enthusiasm will fuel your motivation to excel. We can set our goals, pursue them continuously till we achieve. We can expect setbacks and challenges but we can develop resilience and positive mindset to overcome them.

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