The year 2023 Energy Report

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"The quiet mind is able to hear the intuitive voice over fear. The creative mind follows the intuition. When you follow your intuitive and creative mind, the true wisdom manifest and there is a flow of abundance." - Roop Lakhani 

2022 was a peaceful year after two years of covid - 2019 pandaemics effects that continued till 2021. The number 6, the sum total of 2 0 2 2, was the year of comfort and luxury as it was represented by Venus. Venus represents love, romance and money, and we realised that the year brought us lots of good feelings, and back to stability with new opportunities of earning. Let's bid adieu to the 2022 and be grateful to what we recieved during the year. Let us get ready to welcome 2023 with fresh hopes.

And now 2023, is represented by Ketu as the sum total of 2023 is 7. Ketu signifies the spiritual process of the refinement of materialisation to the spirit. It is the planet thatballows us to look at our soul, souls needs, becoming introspective. In other words, it causes one to focus on non material aspects in order to force a more spiritual outlook in the person.

Ketu signifies the spiritual process of the refinement of materialisation to the spirit and is considered both malefic and benefic, as it causes sorrow and loss, and yet at the same time turns the individual to God. In other words, it causes material loss in order to force a more spiritual outlook in the person.

Changing times always brings some more opportunities and opens the doors of possibilities in many ways. As we bid adieu to 2022 and welcome the year 2023, we bring new hopes and dreams. The energy of the year pushes us to do something different something in a new way. And what if that is more positive, we can surely make the year more celebration.

We are majorly concerned of health, relationship and finances amongst the various life aspects. 

Being 2023 ruled by number 7, which is represented by Ketu, each one of us should be extra careful for any financial obstacles. Whether debts, loss, credit card excessive use, investments or even savings, it all requires a bit of more mindfulness. Each year would have its own ups an downs but becoming alert and mindful, you can be consciously ushering prosperity and abundance.

It is time to be self reflective, self discovering and self actualising for health and relationship areas. Unless we are not mindful there can be disappointment in various ways.

Ketu is karak of moksha. It signifies the spiritual process of the refinement of materialisation to the spirit and is considered both malefic and benefic, as it causes sorrow and loss, and yet at the same time turns the individual to God. Unless we do not see the sorrow, we do not understand the importance and value of happiness and joy. 

In other words, it causes material loss in order to force a more spiritual outlook in the person. Ketu is indicator of intelligence, wisdom, non-attachment, fantasy, penetrating insight, derangement, and psychic abilities. It is believed to bring prosperity, removes the sarpdosha ill effects and also gets rid of illness. 

Ketu has been considered the planet of enlightenment and liberation as it represents the body. Rahu represents the head. Ketu has lost his head means now he is focussed on the body and wants to go beyond the mundane life what intelligence or mind says to achieve moksha -the final liberation. It often brings a sense of complete detachment, losses, mindlessness, wandering, and confusion in one's life. But that's where the detachment and liberation from worldly illusion would happen.

In Numerology,  The number 7 is often considered mystique, perhaps because it is a prime number—that is, it cannot be obtained by multiplying two smaller numbers together.  Means you have to bring out your spiritual wisdom from inside out.

Numerology Never 7 people, means one who is born on 7th, 16th, 25th of any month have driving desire for spiritual wisdom and knowledge. They are problem solvers and helpful people. They have inquisitive nature to find out the reason to what happened in their life and thus they are more detail oriented and can also go in research field. They are blessed with natural healing abilities as they are very calm, composed and peaceful people. They enjoy working alone and they prefer to be alone without more of social gatherings.

They have highly developed intellect, born genius and come up with creative off beat ideas. Their fertile mind is quite intuitive and attracted to metaphysical pursuits. Because of their research mind, they have to analyse and figure out the connection between what is known and unknown, between what is conscious and unconscious. 

They have a strong sense of fairness and justice. They believe in simple life and not too much of show off. They are happy with routine daily life which allows them to give more time to themselves for their deeper analysis.

They are good as healers and counsellors as they have an outstanding ability to heal others spiritually and emotionally. They can also fine tune into others needs intuitively.

Now if the number 7 brings so much of the energies, we can surely tap into few qualities of them and be the best version of ourselves.

According to Chinese Calendar, January 22, 2023 is a year of rabbit - it represents moon, it is  year of peace, calmess and economic stability. Rabbit is known for the speed.

According to Lunar year, which is normally celebrated on January 22 of the year 2023. The Lunar year symbolises the beginning of a new year and it represents the desire for a new life, while ushering in luck and propserity. The time has come to reflect a year of hardwork and wish for prosperous year ahead.

According to me, as each year is passing, we have become more evolved and hence it is time for redesigning the life, resetting the life by reviewing again to rework on things which requires more mindfulness. Just like how a designer works for her models dress and looks,  we all need to work minutely to show up inside to outside beautiful and graceful, praising worth our own real authentic self.

It is time for developing discipline and focus in creative pursuits to bring stability and better structure for us to live in. It is time to devlop spiritual practices that would allow us to utilise our wisdom and connect with our deep heart and soul. It is time to build solid foundation and be practical in different aspects of life using spirituality and inner wisdom.

It is time of change and transformation with upgrading thoughts, intuition and creativity. Reflecting in your creative pursuits and sense of self worth and the value you place on talents and abilities.

2023, the total of all digits is, 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7. In Tarot, The card 7 is represented by The major Arcana card -The Chariot. In this card, the Charioteer, a brave warrior with Armor, is standing and driving the chariot with two sphinx in front of the vehicle -black and white sphinx means, we are given always with the choices to drive the life in the direction we desire, whether positive or negative.
 The Charioteer standing in the card is each one of us, who has the will power, intuition and intelligence which allows us to create actions, results and transformation. We all are connected with our Divine wisdom from where we draw out all information to discern between what is right for us and what is not right for us. All we need is to follow the wisdom, use the willnpower and go forward in direction of our desired goals. All it takes is remaining focussed towards the goals and confident in the abilities to reach the desired goals and feel confident, happy, joyful. Fundamentally we need to believe in ourselves, have faith in Divine powers and show up as shining star of who we are.

In Astrology 

Now is the time to be active, holding reins in our hands, using will power, inner strength and determination to drive the Chariot of our life to the direction we want 

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Let us look at how the year would be for all zodiac signs - 

Aries ♈


Health is overall good for healthy people. Health should be one of your primary focus to already who have suffered from health issues . Eat healthy food, avoid junk food. Avoid stress and overload of work. Work on emotional balance. Doing some light exercise and meditation on regular basis could help you to overcome any health challenges your health.

Work, Money, Finance

There are pleasant surprise, bonus, raise, promotion for employed people who has been successful and at a higher level. For professionals itbis time to pick up different startegiea for your growth. For students it can be overwhelming or overloading. Businessmen would get new opportunities and new projects. There is propserity and growth in every manner.
With proper planning of funds and discipline, you may be able to manage the flow of money in the right direction. For business people, proper research and analysis can give you insights to make the right decision to get things done for growth and expansion of business. There are 


For singles, though the times are good for marriage and love relationship, the presence of mind and right efforts may demand some attention. For married people, try and give some quality time to your partner or else some friction may arise. Avoid getting influenced by any third person that creates confusion and negativity in your conduct and behaviour. Have a healthy and direct conversation with your partner to avoid miscommunications. Avoid ego and righteousness in talks. Professional relationship requires good time and focus.

Taurus ♉


Taureans, health is good for you this year. For elders and senior citizens, the advise is to be working on meditation, exercise and peace in your mind. For people who has aggression and frustration requires to be a bit more alert to not cause any further health challenges due to imbalanced emotions. Emotional upheavals and stress can give some health issues to many individuals. Having routine and discipline will avoid health challenges 

Work, Money, Finance

Taureans, this year, 3 P is required for you, positive attitude, patience and perseverance. Avoid negative comments, aggression, impatience and negative thoughts to avoid downfall and dip. For employees, one who is hardworking find this year advantageous in terms of promotion and the new job. For people who are seeking employment may find it challenging due to less efforts. For business people, there is an alert for you, a possibility to incur unexpected losses or financial expenses may happen so the need for appropriate mindfulness is required. Those of you who are in family business, are advised to make each decision with patience, and not make much of major changes. Advise is to acquire new skills and education that could satisfy your desire to find different opportunities and find success, whether education, career or business. Students require more focus and appropriate needed attention on right stuff.


You are blessed to have good relationship at professional and personal level. You have a creative approach and perfection in your work so that things will work out well for you and thus professional relationship would be good. New contacts would help you at work. At home and personal relationship, you need to be patient and cooperative, avoid being rigid or stubborn or righteous. New friends can be made too for your social life so as to bring more joy. The romantic couple may find the heartbreak situations and the singles may have to make efforts to find their partners.

Gemini ♊


Gemineans, you will require patience, attention to detail and a disciplined approach for your health this year. You're going to put commitment to better health this year. People who are carefree to health and health issues may find this year all symptoms that would make you to look at your health. In order to maintain your fitness and health, it is essential that you surround yourself with right care, supportive people and attempt to nurture good attitudes for a better lifestyle and energetic health. Avoid anger, late night sleep, unwanted stress and unhealthy food.

Work, Money, Finance

With God's blessings and your efforts, many dreams are expected to be realised.
You may get rewards from many months hardwork and persistence efforts. This year, there would be some delays in projects with business, real estate, property related matters and so you must exercise patienceband appropriate actions. Patience and legal procedure is required for pending matters. There would be some unexpected expenses or needed expenses associated with international travel. Employees may get some message for their growth. Business people may find some projects slow and steady or even stuck up. Students will show good amount of academic growth. 


 Geminis, be watchful for your words and communication at every level, may it be at home or in your work or in your social life. For people who are single, unexpected marriage proposal may show up. Or even when you are not keen for marriage, marriage may happen causing surprises. Romantic relationship may cause a delay or unwelcome obstacle due to lack of interest or commitment. Some romantic couple may find difficulties in communicating with each other. For married people, avoid conflicts, quarrels, upbeat attitude with your spouse. It is time to be humble and understanding.

Cancer ♋


Cancerians, overthinking and stress may affect your health. Stress and negative influence in the surrounding can adversely affect the quality and result of your health, so you need to pay attention to your emotions, mental balance as well as to your subconscious thoughts, which can become distorted when you face hurdles and challenges. For healthy people, amintain your routines. For people who already have health issues, it is time to take health, food, exercise your first priority.

Work, Money, Finance

For employees, there can be confusion, workload, or delays in your work or career. You need to give appropriate attention so as to avoid further work challenges. For many employees at senior level, it is likely that you will get success in the new job, that may give you promotion, raise and good achievement s. For business people, there is ups and downs but overall at end of the year there is financial gains in business. This requires proper analysis, right efforts and revision before execution and actions. For few businessmen, you would have direct access to good clients and international connections that will help you for your growth. Those of you in appropriate connections with work, may get a good scope in a foreign country and also on the digital platform.


For married couple, relation with spouse requires careful communication and loving energies. Even relationship with your in-laws, and the happiness you get from there, are going through some changes and also require priority. There is a warning of overthinking and negative reaction to be in control. The results would show up on your decisions and bonding. For professuonal relations, stress and negative influence in the surrounding can adversely affect the quality and result of your work, so you need to pay attention to your work management, as well as to your subconscious thoughts, which can become distorted if you face hurdles and delays to achieve your goals.

Leo ♌


This year avoid digging into past hurts that can affect your emotional and physical health. Your health can suffer from unnecessary negative thoughts or some dilemmas you cannot handle. Getting a good night's sleep is important for good health. Having joyful approach to life with positive mindset and right eating can take care of your better health. Maintain a healthy routine with discipline in order to prevent disruptions in your health. 

Work, Money, Finance

You have done good in last few months, but there may be some hindrances to receiving support from receiving better luck. Your money situations can be stuck or standstill. Any work connectes transactions is advised to handle with patience and not aggression. When it comes to investing, be cautious to invest, as investing heavily in the share market without much of research may go wrong in your profit making. There is success but there can be also delay in expected financial gain from a business. Students have to put their hard work for their education and career growth. Professionals need to upgrade their strategies for growth and also do more marketting. Students should focus more on academics rather than other activities.


In married couples life, whenever there are frictions, quarrels, disputes, listen to your heart and not third persons advice. Those of you who are in the middle of divorce are likely to get divorced. Those of you having great relationship in the marriage will continue to do so. Married couple planning for the family, will result in a successful pregnancy. It is rewarding time for all, singles and people in long-distance relationships, as there are high chances of fruitful romantic encounters along with getting some excellent news leaving you happier and stable. Professional relationship would do good it may take up partnership or it may work in coordination with others help.

Virgo ♍


Virgos, your health needs attention. Any type of dilemmas, emotional issues, in personal life can affect you at health level. There could be overlad of work which can also create exhaustion as you may not have taken periodic break. You may be rquired to be more courageous and emotionally uplifting yourself to remain cheerful. Stay tuned to higher awareness to what you are blessed with, be grateful rather than complaining or having too many expectations from life. This may go against you for your health.

Work, Money, Finance

Work is progressing for employed people. Business people may find some setbacks but once they find alternate solution and positive attitude, they may progress.
In the workplace, commitment and deadlines are vitally important. Prioritize your tasks so you don't become a workaholic or stressed out as a result of overload. Remain open to opportunities that can take you for higher growth. There is progress, success and travel this year for you, alongwith prosperity and abundance. Students may find some delays for higher education. Financial gains are satisfactory overall at the end of the year.


For people who have found their love partner can close their relationship by fixing marriage dates. Those who have secret relationship may need some cautious understanding to what opposition can come. For married couple, check the quality of your relationship, or emotional distance you have caused due to ego clashes, silent cold war, communication gaps, or even miscommunications. Avoid unnecessary arguments and negative thinking when in a relationship. Create a healthy relationship with all. Don't be mean or manipulative. In business, and profession make sure you can speak up the truth.

Libra ♎


As far as health is concerned, it will do good for people who believe in fitness, nutritious food, exercise, sleep and relaxed time amongst busy schedules. And for people who is neglecting and avoiding already health issues need to be taking proper precautions to safeguard their health. It may make you feel like you have a blocked mind and carefree attitude for your health. Being aware and mindful of the importance of health, will help you soothing your thoughts and filling them with positivity.

Work, Money, Finance

For business people even though you would have a bumpy ride, 2023 is favorable year for your finances and money-related matters. You like to have your plans prepared in advance, well act out your plans with full startegy for desired results. But the indecisive side of your might hinder your important work related to finance. Income flow would be good in the second half of the year. Earning opportunities may increase with the increase too. If there is a budget for buying property, then that can also work out. Fruitful year for people who are employed with a slow rise and slow progress. Students would find their way out for their highest growth, whether progress or performance.


It might be a testing month for you in relationship. On and off casual frictions and no solution to resolve the conflicts may be rest for you to pass. You are likely to lose patience and could get aggressive. The latter half of the year may bless you with all happiness and what you desire in relations and your relationship will start to take a boost. Venus goddess will bless the romantic love couple and their relationship will probably be a lot stronger and close with each other.

Scorpio 🦂


If you may have had a few health challenge, then it is time to recoup this year. Improvement will be observed around the beginning of the year making you feel good, but you may find your health unfavourable again in later parts of the year, hence it is required for you to take enough rest, no stress and necessary precautions. If needed check the imbalance in the metabolism. Enjoy eating right food, right breathing, right exercise and rest throughout the year.

Work, Money, Finance

In 2023, professionals would do quite good with success and money. Business people may have their setbacks, challenges and ups and downs. You might have to bring major improvements in your working or else money gains would be an issue. Hurdles and challenges are coming to show you infinite possibilities for growth perhaps you are ready to explore and expand with open mindset. Once you have done it, attractive deals and projects would help you with good association and good news, with many chances to make progress by the year-end. For people having interest and budget to buy property it is a favorable time.


Scorpions, be aware of your emotional triggers and imbalance in different relationship that is causing you anger or sadness. For romantic couple, your love life this year will go smoothly despite little hurdles. It may help you by blessing of joy and love in the latter parts of the year. For married couples, it is necessary to keep the passion, romance ongoing so that the life is exciting. Avoid harsh communication and criticizing nagging talks so as to rebond. Professional people, maintain your relation with appropriate communication and not withholding the communication.

Sagittarius ♐


This year favors you with good energy and fitness to keep you healthy. You might be watchful when you have stressful schedules, and your energy gets drained. You might get fatigued and can gain weight due to wrong eating. Start to prioritize your fitness and make short or medium-term plans into action. As for your mental health, avoid indulging in overthinking and unnecessary hassles to keep your mind free from any tension, as that may be leak to your great stamina.

Work, Money, Finance

Work is slowly rising for employees and business people, inspite of challenges. You might be presented with numerous opportunities to grow from. You might need to work for extended hours to meet scheduled deadlines and strike the deal for business people. Matters related to assets from the past may resurface and will require your attention. In such financially tough times, family members will provide you with help and assistance. Overall there is stability and prosperity this year for you. Avoid unnecessary expenses and luxurious spending. There is progress and development for students and rising career individuals.


For singles, it is time to mingle. For married couple it is time to rebond and have good times with each other rather than arguments and frictions. With the advancement in the year, your social circle will be more pronounced too. So avoid too much and balance it, then you might be able to handle stressful situations at home with ease. There is blessing you will be able to get through the difficulties in the family and your love life will slowly have rejoiced too. Professional relationship will work out smooth and in cooperation.

Capricorn ♑


Health requires a strategic and disciplined approach. If you are healthy, continue your routine. If you have already some health issues, make sure necessary precautions are taken to avoid further health challenges. It is time to take a deeper dive into your basic rigid stubborn nature who is not ready for changes that would help you to make good habits for your health and life style.

Work, Money, Finance

This might be a progressive year, when compared to last year's struggles. It is a progressive year. If you have had your backlog of financial crunches, there is improvement this year. It demands your efficient planning and balanced decisions. For some, it helps you to see good returns from your assets.


You are blessed to have supportive relation all around you due to your magnetic nature. Family and friends might provide good feelings, stability and passion in your relationship. Romantic relationships if seriously committed may find a good phase to tie the knot. You are likely to face some ups and downs in your relationship, but at the same time, you will experience some refreshing experiences in your love life. Professional relationships will grow for better growth. 

Aquarius ♒


Health is watchful for people who have already faced health issues and for senior citizens. There can be some bottle neck feelings where issues have crossed your tolerance level causing you stress and health issues. There is a mindful approach required for your overthinking mind. Health will soon be better once you have dealt with necessary precautions. 

Work, Money, Finance

The year might bring a positive impact on your life, some good earning opportunities, some new vehicle, and also will favour you for increased wealth, some fixed assets and property. There would be some small small difficulties around it but you will manage that too. You need to handle finance much carefully and your fortune might favour you for the following years. For professionals, students and business people, it is growing period of development and progress 


As the year advances there is fulfillment in all your relations. There would be opportunities to enjoy a romantic time for all those romantic couple giving your emotions a boost. There is an ideal time to begin a new relationship that helps you in becoming confident and decisive. Spending time with family is essential to address an ongoing concern and avoiding past mistakes to bring tumultuous condition. It is asking you to bring positivity and joy in personal life. Professional relationship is appropriately places and will do good.

Pisces ♓


Health requires some attention
 For people who are feeling loneliness or depression needs to find some right hobbies and positive company. People who have some ailments or disorders might heal quickly. People who has some uneasiness in health, might require taking additional care of your health. Once the right care is taken, your health might improve. This year you need to raise your awareness for health and fitness. For people who are healthy, maintain your health at satisfactory levels.

Work, Money, Finance

This year is likely to bring some good opportunities to strike some good financial deals, bring up your financial status. You might face some financial challenges but you will improve them gradually. There may not be desired success so easily, but there is a slow growth. You ma resolve some pending issues regarding your property or other assets this year. Be very careful in regards to financial matters and trusting people for it. For business people there may be some limitations for you to grow. For students it is favourable time to grow. For professionals it is an accomplishment and successful times. For employees it is time to take responsibility and do needful.


This year is likely to bring some refreshing experiences in your love life, making sure you know the difference between dreams and reality. The social life will bring you rewarding feelings. Professional relationship will grow once there is enough appreciation and cooperation. Any careless approach and self-indulgence are more likely to cause some disruptions. It is asking you to build foundation for a more stable relationship.
For married couple, there is a stronger bond, joy and abundance. For people who are in love, make sure the integrity and commitment is upto the mark for solid foundation.

Lastly but not the least
Gratitude for reading, liking, sharing

Wishing you a great year ahead.
May this year brings new hopes, success, good health and pleasure. May God's light guide you for your best in 2023
Your Guide,
Roop Lakhani

Your Tarot and Numerology Coach

Your Mindset Healer

Your Consciousness Catalyst


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