How to cope with anxiety

By Roop Lakhani - 02:58:00

Do you ever get anxious?
Do you get anxious to talk in public?
Do you often rehearse and then go to speak in public?
Do you carry fears?
Do you carry internal conflicts?
How do you see yourself in social setups?
How do you see yourself talking with strangers?

Anxiety is connected to faulty beliefs, internal conflicts, fears and childhood wounds that triggers you.

Understanding internal conflicts

Each person has many beliefs about himself, his abilities and his looks.

For eg.if you have a belief you have a fat stomach and you are a girl and you are not okay within yourself having fat stomach.
Now you ho in a set up where people are very slim and sexy, all wearing tight dress and slim legs with high heels, you are bound to be conscious about your fat stomach.

And you will wonder if you are dressed well, all of a sudden the thoughts would trigger you and youay feel low in your confidence.the talks are happening with a very good looking slim friend, and your mind is playing records of you are. Ot looking good, you have a big stomach.

In other words if you are in a place where you think that your looks are not that important then any false belief about your looks will hardly make you anxious. Yes you can still feel anxious for other reasons but that specific reason will hardly affect you.

Now if you tried to talk to someone you like then definitely any problematic beliefs about your looks will result in an internal conflict and so in anxiety.

While a part of you will be telling you that you can run good conversations another part will be telling you that you don't look that good.

This anxiety is about the look. One can have anxiety for social setup or even for any situation.

 Now if one or more of these beliefs are problematic then they can result in an internal conflict the next time the person faces an important situation.

You might wonder why you sometimes feel anxious while in other times you don't and the simple answer is that based on whether those beliefs can affect that situation you are facing or not you might or might not feel bad.
Refram your beliefs and identifying your triggers can help you cope with anxiety.

How to end anxiety?

I R 5 anxiety
I R 5 confidence within me
I R 5 any triggers that causes anxiety
I R 5 resolving internal conflicts
I R 5 belief in myself
I R 5 brilliance behind the anxiety
I R 5 my need to let go anxiety
I R 5 need to feel good
I R 5 being my own friend
I R 5 calmness
I R 5 peace

R 5 is full form of recognise, revive, realign, reorient, reposition

Wishing you anxiety free life
Roop Lakhani

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