Some Habits Are Good - Strive For Excellence And Not Perfection

By Roop Lakhani - 09:51:00

Some Habits Are Good
*Don't be perfectionist*

Have you seen perfectionist individuals are stressed and also make their surrounding people feel miserable because of their perfectionist attitude?

Surely, being a perfectionist and having a keen eye for details help us improve and reach our goals. Dedication towards perfection undoubtedly helps us to achieve great results. Yet, there is a hidden flip side to being perfectionists that we may not be aware of. 

However, the high level of perfectionism prevents us from being our best as we begin to set unrealistic standards and let the fear of failure hold us back. We start procrastinating. We may even become less efficient due to fears.

Let yourself off the hook for your mistakes and imperfections. You’re hard on yourself. You’re probably harder on yourself than anybody else. Cut yourself some slack and embrace your humanness. Mistakes are normal. Imperfections are part of what makes you, you.

*Roop Lakhani*

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