my Random thoughts - "I" - who am I

By Roop Lakhani - 10:10:00

I am who I am. But I can be who I choose to be.

I is my identity,
I is my name,
I is my relationship with myself,
I is who am I for this world
I is my participation to the world
I is my contribution to the world
I is my interaction with the world
I is the one single drop of energy in the whole pool of energy world
I is my connectivity of I with Eye
I is my vision of I with Eyes to view the world
I is my connection with the world
I is my journey of life
I is my journey with other people
I is Me, my identity and myself
I is me, the one who has to accept myself without any judgement or criticism
I is the one who has to accept myself with strengths and weaknesses
I is the one who has to accept myself with all vulnerabilitiea
I is the one who has to be judgement free
I has to be compassionate on myself
I has to be compassionate with others
I has to be forgiving
I has to be accepting

 The alphabet 'I' is full of inspiration
 I is about implementation of knowledge
I is implementing wisdom
 I is about intellect
I is about introspection 
I is about the inner awakening, 
I is about inner voice
I is about inner journey
I is about intuition
I is about inner light
I is about inner awareness
I is to go inward
I is for imagination
I is for intuition
I is about inner authenticity
I is about inner truth
I is about inner mind
I is about inner strength
I is about inner patience
I is about inner endurance
I is about 
I is about inner awakening
I is about innner truth acceptance
I is about inner availability
I is about inner beauty n appreciation
I is about inner voice
I is about infinite being
I is the instant connect
I is for identifying your strengths

I is the instant connect of yourself with your higher self
I is about being independent and unique person

And then 'I' is a marvellous inner journey within your inner self, which leads to initiatives for a lifetime without any mask and judgement

If the 'l' is with ego and pride, I goes inferior
If I is with kindness and generosity, then 'I' am in the interest of all the world andis superior

Trust the 'I'; and be trusting to the world
Respect the 'I'; and be respecting the world
Love the "I", and be loving the world
Accept the "I", and be accepting the world
Be in peace with "I", and create peace with the world

Be the 'l' without a defensive mask, and the "I" will become WE, happy to stay mask free world
Be compassionate with "I", "I" have gone through many lives of ups and downs, traumas and dramas
Be non judgemental with "I", the world is been judging all the time
Be gentle with "I", harshness gives bitterness, gentleness gives the humbleness
Be empathetic with "I", 
Be understanding with "I", misunderstanding only separates "I" with "we", it cannot give any connection and oneness
Be forgiving with "I"," "I"can't be a perfectionist
Be an I of authentic power, true self, and compassionate individual

Everything is unified but we loose the unified self and can see divided separte self, I think, ' I am different and you are different,' life is same for everyone, everyone goes through some incidences and events that can shake them up.

Participate in your life, dance with life
Generosity, kindness, empathy, compassion is the key to be independent I, Offer love, peace, harmony, compassion, forgiving, understanding, acceptance to the other ones...

I am strong because I know my weakness
I am beautiful because I am aware of my flaws
I am fearless because I learn to throw away my fears
I am wise because I learn from my mistakes
I am love because I know what is hate and rejection
I am peace because I know what is violence, abuse, unfairness and injustice
I am harmony because I know what is friction, disharmony, disagreements
I choose to be with ease and joy

I can who I choose to be
I am love
I am peace
I am harmony
I am strength
I am wisdom
I am inspiration

⭐Wishing you a great relationship with "I"🥰

🎯Roop Lakhani ❤️

" 'I am' is the inner sacred space that gives you power to who you are and connect with your divine intuitive and inspirational wisdom."
- Roop Lakhani

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