Clients diary - Labelling

By Roop Lakhani - 17:06:00

Clients diary

I happen to meet one of my client who was sad, her eyes were deep sad, and disappointed. Being quite empathetic and intuitive, I happen to ask few questions, her eyes were filled with tears. she was looking for hopes in her life.

Usually a working woman gives the best at her home and at work, but this woman was asked to give more than she could. There were only frustrations, there was no looking forward feelings to life.

Usually my tarot reading goes with some Counselling and insight opening questions, that allows them to feel connected to their true self. I did some tarot reading for her and she had some sparkle in her eyes when I showed her some of her best qualities. Slowly she had some smiles in her talks and that's the time, I asked her, how much you beat up yourself with self criticism??

And she answered

I asked her, how much you give in and yet don't know when to draw boundaries??

Her smile was the answer.

I asked her, how much you don't know how to be assertive and also know how to keep yourself happy??

She answered. Her silence had broken. She got aware of her weak points. She could now got into making choices to keep her happy. My work was done. The Divine within me showed her the way, she left with a smile.


We often don't know the amazing things we have within, but we sabotage our ownself with criticism. We often look at what allows us to be so sad, but we are unable to know what allows us to be happy.

*You don't know who you are actually* and that's why when I start talking about how amazing they are, they really acknowledge silently.

She was critical about her looks.
She was disappointed with her condition at home
She was not complaining but yet she was unhappy and sad.
She was self pitying

*Stop labelling*
When you label yourself saying, 'I am lazy', you justify being lazy. 
If you label yourself saying, 'I am victim', it gives one the license to remain victimised.

You then lock it in your space and you get stuck..

*Remove the labels*. They are not the truth. They are your stupid analysis.

Get going, life is simple, life is beautiful.
There are very few hours you have with yourself to enjoy. Happiness and sadness are two sides of the coin. Just turn the side of the coin and you would know how to be there.

Love to guide you to gather your scattered self
Roop Lakhani

"Stop labelling yourself. You cannot be your own enemy. Just accept, you are unique and amazing." - Roop Lakhani

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