Some Habits Are Good - Process Your Fears

By Roop Lakhani - 14:42:00

Some Habits Are Good
*Process your fears*

Fears turn to panic and anxieties. Some dears come from unsecurities we go through life  some fears come when we go through changes. Some fears come when the unknown things scares you. 

Like erring, feeling afraid is natural and human. Don’t reject your fears — understand them. This healthy exercise can really help with your mental health. Interrogating and evaluating your fears helps you to gain clarity and unmask issues in your life that were causing you anxiety. That, in turn, can help alleviate some — if not all — of your anxiety.

Ten ways to fight your fears..
1.Take time out. Fears are not going to go away unless you mentally prepare yourself well.
2. Fears blocks you in seeing the future ahead and to think clearly. So deep breathe through fears.
3. Often we avoid fears, we do not like to experiment with fears, so face it and embrace it.
4. Imagine the worst thing that can really happen, and think through if it is real or made up ...
5. Look at the evidence, sometimes there is no evidence use your brain in different way, write down your fears ...
6. Don't try to be perfect. ...
7. Imagine. Visualise. visualuse yourself into fearless and happy state.
8. Talk about it. Talk to experts.handle it and deal with it. Avoid avoiding fear, rather embrace it
9. Practice self compassion.
10. Shift your focus to positive emotions.

*Roop Lakhani*

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