Some Habits Are Good - Make Mistakes

By Roop Lakhani - 09:22:00

Some Habits Are Good
*Allow yourself to make mistakes*

We’re told again and again from a young age “nobody’s perfect, everyone makes mistakes.” But how much we are fearful not to make mistakes and hence we don't even want to try??!!

 It is ok to make mistakes but it is not ok to create fears or guilt after making mistakes. Make mistakes so you can learn and grow from them. Learn the lesson you got after you made the mistake. You’re constantly changing and growing from who you once were into who you are today and who you will be one day. You are constantly evolving.

Make sure you don't become mr or miss perfect so as not to make mistake. So, forget about that voice in your head that says you need to be perfect. Don't regret over the past for making mistakes. Make mistakes — lots of them! The lessons you’ll gain are priceless. 

*Roop Lakhani*

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