Some Habits Are Good - Finacial Dimension

By Roop Lakhani - 10:43:00

Some Habits Are Good
3. Self care -  Financial Dimension

Money is the important exchange for our basic necessities, for our comforts and for the kindness acts. So planning anad managing money is equally important.

What can we do? Here are few tips
1 Develop a practical financial plan, manage your income well
2. Open one savings account which you don't touch, you jsur save - start saving even if it is 1 rupee per day, you can put as much more as you can
3. Open another account for entertainment, learnings, travel and basic expenses
4. Try saving little when you are spending more, even more, even if you are already saving, 
5. Do park some money in mediclaim, insurance
6. Do invest in property, gold, silver, mutual funds, shares or any other of your choice
7. Keep record of your expenses and cut back on unnecessary purchases, consider where you can cut corners
8.Avoid credit cards, And if you are using to pay by credit card , make sure you have paid it in time without paying much of interest
9. Budget your new expense with joy.
10. Pay emis, credit card, bills with lots of blessings and not bad heart or complain.
You can customize your financial self care and share if you feel like

*Roop Lakhani*

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