Something to learn from Ants

By Roop Lakhani - 09:59:00

*Patience brings easy solutions*

I stay on 19th floor of a small town Panvel. One day, I was watching the ants walking towards the dryfruits and sweets offered to God in my temple for prasad, and the thought crossed my patient are ants..  and I was wondering such small creature and how patient they are to walk up so many floors!!! There is always something to learn from any living beings

Most people have several tasks in their head, and they jump from thought to thought without taking the time to finish one task first. We live interrupted lives as we try to multitask and it is frustrating when we feel we aren't making progress.

 It is better to be mindful of our thoughts, take  deep slow breaths and the best way to understand this is to write down what makes you impatient. 

Patience is a virtue and yet in today's fast paced world, people do not know the fruits of patience. 

Patience brings a state of calm inside which helps in finding the answers that already lie within. It gives courage to work on the problem in a cool and relaxed way till the solution is found. It brings creativity even to mundane things. 

Mindseed: I am calm when I am patient. I am more relaxed when I am patient. I can handle difficult situations when I am patient. I am at my best when I am a patient listener.

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