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Recognise the humility inside you
Recognise The Humility In You

Humility is a type of modesty that will get you very far in your life as a person, a contender, and a leader.

Person who lacks humility is arrogant, egositic, prideful, Righteous all in dak shades.  He thinks of himself, thinks superior to the above, talks rudely, behaves arrogantly and sees himselves as higher and better than others. 

Pride has its own shades, some are grey, some are white and some are black, but humility had one shade and that is white.

Humble people don't lack pride in their accomplishments. Rather, it is knowing the time, place, and tone with which to share their strengths with the world. They are coachable. They apoloise after mistakes. They can take criticism positive. They want best for others. They take others along with them, tbey don't pull them down.

Helping others who are below you in skill to improve rather than looking down on them. Looking towards those above you with an eye of inspiration and not jealousy.Competing with yourself is more so than with others.

Humility is an asset for self-improvement. By living a humble life, you recognize the areas of your life that need work. 

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