Professional Tarot Course

By Roop Lakhani - 10:34:00

Tarot cards is close to my heart
I have grown personally and spiritually with Tarot cards.
In the beginning, at times I have struggled to get the meanings and I have struggled to interpret the meaning in layouts. I also got confused when two different contradictory cards showed up... I also struggled to check with health and work readings...

After becoming an expert, I decided to teach in a way that would not make any beginner go through more of such experience. 

✍️I believe the greatest truth lies inside you, discovering your ownself. We all have wisdom and intuition to move in right direction towards progress and ease. Yet life throws us at many curves and twists, leaving us with much confusions and illusions.  Each moment leaves us with choices and that's why Tarot Card Reading helps us in making right decisions. It allows us to elevate our consciousness.
✍️It is good to follow tarot guidance in the difficult times when things are foggy and not clear. Tarot guides us, shows direction, clears pathways. Tarot is not about prediction, tarot is about introspection and reflection. I suggest, take tarot cards first for your personal growth and then make it for your learung and then earning.
I would help you at each level of Learning and Earning - Learn Tarot cards professionally from me and grow spiritually, earning rewards for yourself and earning money
✍️in today's fast world, people are busy in many activities. So I have designed the kearning with help of  email notes, audios,  visual posters, combined  with one hour personal training that helps you learn Tarot  Card Reading easier and faster. It happens at your comfort place and your free time.
I would be Happy to guide you, coach you, mentor you with the help of tarot cards, would you be ready and willing to learn? You may contact me
✍️Roop Lakhani 
Tarot Master Tutor, certified WMA USA
 - www

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