Have you gone through child like fun when you are adult?

By Roop Lakhani - 20:12:00

*Have joy like children*

Have you seen children with their curiosity, wonder, playfulness and creativity at the fullest? Yes, I have found them alive, they are happy, they are infectious, they are limitless, they are unique. 

let's be like child. Asking questions creates curiosity and we adults love to go with our conditioned mind and be conclusive, rather we can choose to be curious and be innovative.

Wonder is a gateway where we become more curious, have lots of varied opportunities to explore and discover what the brain light can get lighted inside, a way to demonstrate your concepts  skills, capabilities. It opens up to personal growth and experience more meaningful results.

When we shift the focus from outcome to a process that includes wonder and curiosity, we become more attentive and inquisitive, and the experience flows to your unique creativity. And when creativity get coupled with playfulness, then comes the dance of life, the true happiness and bliss. Isn't that sounds like Divine?

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