Karmic Clearing 3

By Roop Lakhani - 12:08:00

" Karmic effect have much more power on you than you have on your own self. The time you think you have no choice,  just be an observer of good and bad experiences. " - Roop Lakhani

If you wish to improve bad experiences, you need to be first aware and then accept it gracefully, being a distant observer.

We all often have bad experience, check

May be if you have felt hurt, you may have hurt someone.
May be if you have felt betrayed, you may have betrayed someone.
May be if you have felt abused, you may have abused someone.
May be if you have felt abandoned, you may have abandoned someone.
If you think you have done nothing of such to anyone in this life, then let me tell you, it could be of previous lives, showing up in this lives ..

The way we have bank balance, we also have karmic balance. Well, we don't have an access to our past life karmic account, so we might as well be aware of present life karma and deposit more of positive karma in bank balance. 

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