June Energy

By Roop Lakhani - 12:35:00

June 2021, 6 + 2021 = 11 = 1 + 1 =  2

June month is special to me as my birthday is in June month.. it is natural to feel delighted to be born, exist on the earth, have your unique presence, right?!

Number 6 represents stability, balance, domestic happiness, home, idealism, responsibility.

Being number 6 by birthdate too,  I agree and resonate fully with number 6 energies. My foundation is my family, family values and upbringing and a harmonious home. I choose my responsibilities to keep nurturing my home with my capacities.

6 is also a number of healing and of nurturing. I being the essence of care and compassion, I have taken the role of nurturer  in my family and role of healer  in my profession. I have taken the responsibilities seriously too!

Number 6 of June month, when used with 2021, totals to number 2. And the numerology number 2 is all about relationships.

The pandeamics time is teaching us to remain bonded with family and friends inspite of social distancing. The time is asking us to work with our relationship with much love harmony and cooperation. In professional lives, number 2 is asking to be with teamwork, cooperation and putting best foot forward. 

People need to pull other people together, and not make people feel lonely. 

There is a need for an hour to companionship to people who are feeling lonely and dull. 

Since 6 and 2 are two numbers for June 2021, love, romance is in air and hearts desires getting fulfilledfor people who are in love. 

Number 2 is known for research and diplomacy, cooperation to the fullest. 

Number 2 is known for its creativity and artistic pursuits. People in respective  field may progress in this month.

Number 11/2 is a highly spiritual number, balancing the intuitive qualities of The High Priestess with the leadership and creative qualities of The Magician.

People may tend to be spiritually sensitive, cooperative and independent with the growing time and maturity.

Number 11 has the energy of 1 and 2, and that is why the yin yang energies may show more of a balance this month.

In Tarot, number 11 is represented by Justice and number 2 is represented by High Priestess.

Justice means fairness, fairness, truth and law. The figure of Justice sits in front of a loosely hung purple veil, signifying compassion, and between two pillars, similar to those framing the High Priestess which symbolise balance, law and structure. The time has come to be fair and just in actions, believing in the laws of karma, knowing the effect of what you do with your intentions.

In justice the lady  holds a sword in her right hand, showing the logical, well-ordered mindset necessary to dispense fair justice. The sword points upwards – expressing a firm and final decision – and the double-edged blade signifies that our actions always carry consequences. 

It is time to do everything keeping in mind of karma and it's consequences.

The scales in her left (intuitive) hand, show intuition must balance that logic and are a symbol of her impartiality. 

The yin and yang, the left and right, the recieving and giving, the action and compassion, the logical and intuitive sides need to remain in balance for each one of us. 

 Be ready to take responsibility for your actions and stand accountable for the ensuing consequences.

People who are in government, economy, law structure need to keep up their values and principles high to have fair outcome in their life. 

If you are a part of legal case, awaiting for final judgement from the courts or a governing body or institution, it may surely in your favour of your conscience is pure.

Current pandeamics times is asking us yo make right decisions, especially, becoming aware of the impact of your decisions on your well-being and the well-being of loved ones. Choose consciously by connecting with your inner guidance system (your intuition) and asking for the answer that is most in alignment with the highest good of all. Be ready to stand by your decisions as you will be held to account for the choices you make. 

You need to ask yourself, “Do I stand by my decisions and accept the consequences of my actions?” If you cannot, then dig deeper, plunging into the shadows of what is right and wrong, until you find the place where you can stand in integrity and strength.

June month is asking you to search for truth in all what you do.  As you explore your truth, as many times truth is deceptive,  you will discover that things are not as clear-cut as you had thought. So explore, go deeper  search for the beliefs that sabotages you, embrace your doubts and fears and seek truth. Be consciously aware of what you believe to be true is truth and what you believe is also fair and ethical. Change your thoughts and perspectives to be an authentic self and truth can set you free from any blinded chains.

The second card High Priestess of tarot also guides you for the sacred knowledge and intuition.believe in your higher knowledge to guide you for what is right and what is not right for you.

The thin veil behind the High Priestess is asking for you to go beyond conscious and subconscious realms, the seen and the unseen, and the right and not right aspects.

On either side of the High Priestess stands two pillars, black and white. It means see duality in oneness– masculine and feminine, darkness and light – knowledge and acceptance of the duality is required for oneness and not separation.

The crescent moon at her feet symbolises her connection with the divine feminine, her intuition and subconscious mind, and the natural cycles of the moon.

Each one of us has intuition and wisdom. The times have come to use intuition, wisdom with fairness and truth. The way the home we reisde in is ours,the same way the Bigger Home Universe where we reside  is also ours. We need to not differentiate and separte, rather use our sacred knowledge, fairness and truth to keep as United.

Number 2 is represented by Moon in astrology. And the moon is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. 

It is only in the night we can sit with ourselves, go through the day, reflect and discern to what was good and what could be still made good by us.  It reflects the inner knowledge, or the inner process which allows us to connect us with our soul. 

This it represents the realm between the conscious and the unconscious. It determines our capacity for reflection and adaptation, to our inner and outer nature. 

11 is also master number of numerology.  Time to be inquisitive and relying more on faith, belief, and credence. Time to be be empathetic, feeling emotions of others and reciprocating with them, maintaining order, being sturdy and most-importantly in knowing yourselves from within.

 These qualities will make you charming and magnetic !

And 1st june 2021, totals to 12 that is 3, energies of Jupiter, energies of empress. So it is time to begin the month with feelings of abundance, draw peace from the nature, ground yourself well and connect with your creative expression and create a beautiful life.

Wiahing you all powerful energies of love and abundance,

Roop Lakhani

Tarot card Reader, Tarot Coach,

Mindset Healer,

Consciousness Coach,

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