April 2021 energy

By Roop Lakhani - 10:58:00

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The second wave of corona is hitting mumbai where I stay and full globe.  Many building are getting sealed, day by day cases are increasing and more fatal news are also showing up.

I'n such times, it is essential to keep being patient and caution to be at home taking self care. It is good to flow with your energy. Let us see what April 2021 month energy is.

April 2021, 4 +2 +0 +2 + 1 = 9..the 9 numbers is number of completion and fulfillment. It is number of wisdom and transformation.it shows up highest number of single digit. It carries its higher vibration of higher consciousness.

Number 9 in tarot cards is represented by The Hermit. The image is of old man carrying a staff in one hand and a lit lantern containing a six-pointed star in the other hand. He is standing on snowy peak mountains all alone.

It means or suggests that you are in a phase to spread your light out of your deeper inner wisdom. You could be in solitude or you could be soul searching. Your wisdom comes from your inner light of introspection where you are looking for answers within. When you allow to tune with your inner guiding light, you get the answers you need to grow with.

It is time for us do soul searching and find the answers from within. Find your light, shine it on your soul, spread the shine on others too. Hermit comes when you are at pivotal point in your life,looking for direction. Often people are directionless in current panemic times, yet some have found their passionate direction. It is time to meditate and contemplate, self examine to evaluate your personal goals, look at life from spiritual deeper understanding to get moving towards peace and harmony.

 This period is of inner reflection, away from the current demands of your position. The six point star is guiding you to connect with your inner wisdom. 

In astrology, number 9 is represented by mars. Mars is a symbol of fight, soldiers, full of energy, enthusiasm and action. 

People whose mars is strong, are strong with the intense energy that seems to burst at seems. They are constantly active and do not rest until they reach their goal. They have a strong sense of purpose, order, discipline, courage and self-confidence. They are charismatic and creative, leaders with full energy. They like to deal with large problems rather than small. They have a great sense of responsibility, and as a hard worker; their sincerity and true understanding of the situation guides anyone. They are good organizer and able administrator. When in authority position, they excel in whatever they do.

Today being 1 st April, people like to fool each other...it is a way to have fun... Sheer fun.. being foolish can be advantageous and disadvantageous. One can find his way out by being innocent, carefree and foolish. He lives life on his terms and without any mask or pretentions. He does not want to have 'looking good' mask. He follows his heart and feel most light even in worst of the problems. One does not show up to be wise, responsible and pretending.

Some call it 1st April, APRIL FOOL day,  but for you and your beloved family I wish 

APRIL full of God's *Blessings*
APRIL full of God's *Health*
APRIL full of God's *Grace*
APRIL full of God's *Mercy*
APRIL full of God's *Joy*
APRIL full of God's *Greatness*
APRIL full of God's *Abundance*
APRIL full of God's *Goodness*
APRIL full of God's *Honour*
APRIL full of God's *Progression* in life
APRIL full of God's productive *Ideas*
APRIL full of God's *Purposes* for your life.
APRIL full of God's *Promotion*
APRIL full of God's *Help*
APRIL full of *Financial Breakthrough*
APRIL full of God's *Goodies* of life
APRIL full of a *Closer Walk* with God

 I once again wish you and your beloved family a month of FULLNESS in every good thing in your lives

With much love and gratitude
Roop Lakhani
Awekening and empowering you
Tarot card reader, Healer, Counsellor, Coach

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