March 2021 energies

By Roop Lakhani - 12:22:00

March 2021, that is month number 3 plus 2021 equals 8.

Number 8 talks about balance and harmony.
This month is time to balance all aspects of life. Time to balance between material and spiritual world. Time to balance between practical and emotional world. Time to balance between heart and head. Time to balance between work and home. Time to balance between income and expenditure. Time to balance between material and spiritual aspect of life. Time to balance between inner and outer nature. Time to align soul with karmic laws.

Number 8 composed of two full circles (wholeness), and the number 8 if written horizontally represents infinity. Means we are Infinite beings, and capable of co-creating with our wisdom and unlimited potential.

Number 8 in Tarot talks about the card, strength.  It is the karmic equalizer, both destroyer and creator, the force that regulates cycles of life, death, and rebirth. 

It is said that we all have strength to deal  over desires, greed, lust, obsessions, compulsive material addictions, and difficulties, with our pure intentions and divine blessed strength and will power. Irony is we hardly use our determination and strength.

In everyday life, we have ongoing challenge of taming our desires of food, watching TV, giving time in unproductive social media and more... addictions, pleasure, sex, alcohol, cigarette, always captivate us, but with our pure intention and will power, we can acquire strength within ourselves.

In the Strength Tarot card, a woman gently strokes a lion on its forehead and jaw. The woman has tamed this wild beast with her calming, loving energy, pure intention and smile. 

The lion is a symbol of raw passions and desires, and in taming him, the woman shows that she has ability to tame animal instinct and raw passion that can be expressed in positive ways using inner strength and resilience are applied. 

Isn't it possible to tame our material desires easily by us? 

The woman wears a white robe, and over her head is the symbol of infinity, representing her infinite potential and wisdom.

Overall strength card asks us to use our compassionate and inner strength to deal with difficult times and challenges.

In astrology, the number 8 is associated with Saturn, the planet of career, practicality, resilience, status, and, of karma.

The planet Saturn will delay the rewards, and will make things difficult to do. Saturn will order people to start working and to work hard. He will be concerned with discipline and people being responsible. 

Saturn will rule over organization and arrangement. He will control how people handle business projects. Saturn will think reduction and control of assets is very important.

Saturn is concerned with Karma. He will control the lessons people can learn after their past experiences. It gives wisdom after hardwork and delays.

Saturn is connected to restraint and having limits. The planet has traits that might be discouraging. The planet reminds people of their duties, boundaries, and obligations. 

Saturn gives people meaning in their lives. The planet will make people aware of their need for restraint and what their limits are.

Numerologically, when the number 8 appears in persons first birthdate, it brings with it an understanding of business and diplomatic relationships. The 8 personality is focused on reaching goals, and they usually set and achieve their smart goals. They are good business man, good in research, have a knack of business, can be financial wizards. They are efficient and focussed. Their people skills help others trust them enough to obtain a role of leadership. They are realistic and intelligent, career oriented.

Many 8's can become humanitarians or do other things that are not ruled by earning a large sum of money solely for personal gain (though they may be excellent fundraisers).

So in nutshell, it is time to be determined, compassionate, karma observer to balance and harmonise all aspects of life. Become strong to deal with any obstacles, and be pure and wise.

Hoping to seee you all wise, string and determined,

Roop Lakhani

Consultant, Coach, Healer and Counsellor,

Tarotologist, Numerologist,Vastu Expert

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