Novemeber 2020 angelic energies

By Roop Lakhani - 13:05:00

1 11 2020

Today being Sunday, 1 st November, the angelic figure 1 11 22 is asking us to be awakened, affirming it is time for enlightenment, spiritual awakening and personal development. 

It is time to listen to your heart to understand soul's mission and find the purpose of life to live meaningful life.

Todays number adding up to seven, asking us to connect to our deeper wisdom and introspect what else is possible for awakening.

Novemeber 2020, 1 +1 +2 +2 = 6 , represented by Venus is saying, you have done enough hard work last month, it is time to enjoy the fruits. Venus is asking us to prepare with frequency of unconditional love to nurture ourselves and others. It is asking us to flow with ease and flow that allows us to connect with our highest self.

The number 6 in tarot card is represented by Lovers, asking us to use more heart energies than logic, be guided by our higher self connection with Divine higher self to keep recieving blessings from above.

The divine feminine venus energy has the healing powers to heal any traumas, abuse or even irrational masculine energy and come back to the original attractive abundant energy. The divine feminine love eneegy brings the power and shakti, of the sacred heart and womb from which everything is birthed, even the male child. Love and Compassion are the two abilities that can change anything without judging. From this space of compassion, we can embody, express, and nurture unconditional Love for ourselves and humanity ready for healing and transformation.

The divine feminine energy is asking us to go with intuitive flow, the more we listen and align, the more we are creating a life of fulfillment, joy, Love, peace, prosperity, freedom, and well-being.

From 12th to 16 th November, we are celebrating diwali''s five auspicious days, it is asking us to bring light in our heart and our homes.. it is asking to illuminate the hearts and homes with full light and joy, which can brighten up the lives.

Wishing you all illuminated life
Roop Lakhani


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