How much of relationship matters?

By Roop Lakhani - 12:40:00

Relationships is everything. It runs our lives. When I say relationship, people mostly think of romance and love relationship. However, the day we are born, we have the status of relationship, that we are so and so's child. And as we grow up we have more and more of the relation on our journey. Yes, relationships are all around us; our friends, family, extended family, children, colleagues, professionals, business associates, parents, siblings, and so on.

The key to healthy relations lie in how we interact, communicate, behave and work with others. Most important is how we have relationship with our ownselves. We often know how to love other people more than our ownselves, and that is where the dynamics go haywire. The foundation to healthy relationhip is love and acceptance. And that begins when we can love and accept our ownselves .

People often ask me about their relationship status in Tarot card reading. It is difficult to guide them as there are many layers to know their authentic féelings.  Most people are completely unaware that what they see in another person is filtered through their own preexistent tinted perspective. So, how they perceive another is not just about who is in front of them, but is also influenced by similar and different experiences with others from the past, which have been recorded, as patterns, inside their subconscious mind. We often project our deeper inner self on other or we have lots of expectation from other people. The inner patterns generally dictate automatic internal responses, triggers and reactions. These responses are the foundation of the creation of the relationship dynamics between two or more people.Based on our conditioning, programming and beliefs we keep having different hues of dynamics with different people.

We hardly realise how it impacts us psychologically to what we see, hear, feel and sense till the age of seven, but most of the patterns are made by then. Teachers, parents and the environment influence us and become a part of the foundation of our approach, attitude, mindset and behaviour to relationships in all areas of our life.

The relationship with our parents, the relation between the parents( husband wife) and what we witness in other family members or any other influencers from childhood and beyond, help formulate the basis of our view and expectations of relationships.

 Most of our perceptions, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, inner conflicts and self-imposed limitations, are getting stored in different folders in our subconscious mind by the age of seven.  In other words we are literally wired and programmed, like a computer, to react to life and people the way we do. The relationship dynamics hence play a key role to what we are programmed.

 Our primary beliefs about ourselves in relation to others cause and create both connection and conflict. Often our partner in life or business, the people we hire or work with, close family members and friends, and those who come into our lives for various reasons can be great supporters, and at same time they are the ones who hurt us and create wounds. They are the mirror to our darker sides which includes our wounds, challenges and limitations.

Being a transformative consciousness catalyst, I do give breakthroughs to people who has relationship problems, guiding them to raise their awareness, by showing their true side and hence create better responses towards other raising their consciousness.  

Being a karmic reader and consciousness facilitator, I help people know their past life karmas that allows them meet people, whether in harmonious or disharmonious relationhip.

People do not understand how and why they automatically react emotionally to people and situations the way they do, and so they end up in confrontation, blame and victimization. They end up with disharmony, disputes and separation.

Awareness is important key to unlock the blocks of relationship journey. It is essential to have the appropriate tools to mindfulness to manage the automatic reactions, triggers, responses and judgments that impact all areas of life.

All people want to be loved and appreciated for who they are, whether in a romantic, familial, societal or business relationship. True unconditional love in any relationship dynamic is rare. Conditions do apply in subtle way.  Most people want to experience love, and tend to express love, on their own terms. The quest to love and share love with the least amount of conditions and to create conscious communication, connection and bonding is a truly meaningful relation.

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Caring for true meaningful connections
Roop Lakhani

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