Why fulfilling life seems difficult?

By Roop Lakhani - 16:44:00

Why fulfilling life seems difficult?

Why we cannot think of keeping ourselves happy and create a fulfilling life?
Why is it that we know what's good for us—but rarely do it? Why we self sabotage our good feelings? 

Why we care for our body and it's health? Because we know that healthy food does good to our body. We know the importance of exercise and release of hormones. Because it is tangible, we can see the results hence we can work on it.

Why we care for our relationship? We know the value of strong relationships, the benefits it gives, the support and love it gives. And yet, we take relationships for granted and can spend countless hours on social media feeds or tv, or with endless talks on mobile for company.

Why is it so hard to act on what we know especially for thoughts and feelings? because they are not seen with our eyes and are non tangible. We hardly understand the importance of it for our happy healthy fulfilling life.

Knowledge rarely takes the human paradox and dualities towards wisdom. We need to be wise and mindful. We are a complex individual with many traits, patterns, conditioning, sanskaras, functioning with lots of functional and dysfunctional ways, strengths and weakness, flaws and wounds, pretense mask and coping mechanism, and more.

In the competitive world of  actions, habit often outdoes choice. When the habit is self-defeating, we end up in vicious cycles of behavior that keep us stuck and unhappy. But there's a way out.

The factors that support us is mindful thoughts, positive emotions, supporting habits, right choices, fresh perspectives and higher awareness (consciousness).

One of them is being our dual propensity to rely on habit and to yearn for choice. We can hardly make choices that can support us for healthy, happy functional being . There are deep neural connections and wiring of neural pathways that controls us through habits and particular way of functioning to keep us safe in our comfort zones. Habits require mindful ways to be changing

 Other one is, we are not aware of the benefits of positive thoughts and positive emotions. We do not know how to respond to the outside stimuli. We also don't know how to master them taking charge of it. 

Awareness plays a very good role. It gives the 'aha' moment to change things and give us the direction to live fulfilling life. Everything finds its right place and alignment. Truth can be seen in the Higher Light.

The higher awareness when connects with super consciousness, allows you to be in sat chit ananda state.

So think of changing your life 
By this step process

#1 change your thoughts, by changing thought patterns one can change life

#2 change your faulty perceptions and have fresh perspectives, it will give you another perspective that can help you look at things differently

#3 change the way you respond - how you interpret a situation, can lead you to know how you react or respond

#4 change your action plan, one need to make strategy for actions to show up to desired results

#5 change your habits- replace bad habits with good ones, and do repeated 21 days practice to cultivate new habits

#6 motivate yourself, identify one action that can motivate you. Unless you are not motivated or inspired to do, you cannot change your plan if actions in a disciplined lined manner to see the desired results.

#7 be accountable. If you are ready for desired results of a happy fulfilling life, you have to be track your actions and results too

#8 own your happiness by owning responsibilities

Try closing your eyes and questioning "What part of my life dissatisfies me the most?" Whatever comes to mind first is probably where you'll want to start.

For instance, your mind may have immediately focused on your job or relationship or friendships. If that's what popped up, it's probably what's troubling you most.
So ask, introspect and reflect
1. What can be a different thought process
2. What can be different perspectives
3. What can be different way of interpreting the situation? What can be your different response
4. What can be your strategy or action plans to reach desired goals
5. What repeated practice  will you create that will be a new habits to set neural pathways?
6. What will inspire you to continue doing what you like to? 
7. Are you keeping a check on what you are doing? Are you accountable yourself for achieving fulfilled life?
8. Are you taking responsibilities for your fulfilling life? Would you stop complaining and blaming others or situation?

If you resonate with any sentence from the above article and if you wishing to take some initiative where you require to take experts advise, you can contact me or anyone of your choice, 
Wishing you a greater fulfilling life,
Roop Lakhani

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