KISS message (Keep It Short and Simple)

By Roop Lakhani - 12:35:00

We can purify ourselves at three levels: *Mind, Behaviour and Speech*. Let’s deep cleanse ourselves at level of *speech* since our speech reflects our mind.

Our words have power. Our words are symbol of goddess Saraswati. We can create money, health, relationships, love, respect, confidence if we use them wisely, mindfully and consciously. If spoken words  can be chosen after practicing silence, then it carries more depth and purpose.

Don't waste your energy by talking on useless gossip, TV news, social media updates and unnecessary idle chatters which only gives temporary pleasure but has no purpose or depth.

Our speech is like a treasure, uttered at the right moment in right way and, accompanied by reason and purpose, can create affectionate talk, something that can forward a mind, something that is constructive, generative, inspiring, useful, productive, igniting ideas and more.

*Affirm: I choose yo abstain from unnceesary talks, chatters and gossip*
*My words reflect my mind and mindset*
*I choose my words wisely*

With much love and gratitude
Roop Lakhani

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