August 2020 energies

By Roop Lakhani - 10:56:00

August 2020 month energies

The August 2020 comes to total of three by adding 8 and 2020. The number 3 represents Jupiter and it has its expansive energies. The number 3 in tarot is about empress, symbol of creativity, nurturing, abundance.

Beautiful festival time starts with the month of August.
Starting with Raksha bandhan, gayatri jayanti, krishna janmashtami, ganesh chaturthi and onam, this all inspires us to be back to connections rather than last four months of isolation. This will help us move forward beyond the heavy feelings to expansive light feelings.

The outside changes have really caused lots of internal changes in last few months of lockdown. The dormant inactive phase may be is ending to start much proactive phase with much vigour and festival energies.

The energies can bring new projects, new relations, more social activities, and physically an uplifted energies. These active energies can bring continued earth shift energies with unusual weather changes and some chaos.
These may also impact us at humanity consciousness level to bring paradigm shifts in our thinking and old patterns. Technology, information, social changes all can happen for a better world movement.

Already lockdown has brought us some forced actions and now it is time to take inspired actions.

When we take inspired action, we do so from a place of awareness, ease, and grace. We become present to the opportunities and possibilities that can bring us the blessings of the abundant Universe. 

With inspired action comes the realization that the Universe is taking care of us fully. We move out of any survival or victim patterns, old outdated patterns that keeps us limited and stuck.

It does, however, mean that we are intentionally choosing to be present and open to the opportunities that come our way. The Universe is constantly gifting us with new opportunities and blessings that will help us create the kind of life we truly desire. We need to remain open, willing and focussed to grab this opportunities. Most people are stuck in past, it is time to get ready to create future and not to miss what’s being presented to us in the present moment.

It’s in this present moment that we are the most effective, deliberate creator of our lives.

Because of the concentration of highly active energies right now, it is time to take inspired deliberate actions that can show us the desired results. Even if it’s as simple as going for a walk outside or moving our body through dance or yoga, any kind of new projects or anything which uplifts your consciousness in mindful or spiritual ways.

When this happens, a lot of unprocessed fear tends to come to the surface for us to look at, address, and heal. A lots of victimised beliefs and thoughts come up to shake you up. A lot of chaos comes to keep you unclear and not confident. Lots of negative emotions may surface to show you the way to let go.

We are seeing this collective resistance at its peak right now, which is a clear signal that enormous breakthroughs are coming soon. When breakthroughs are happening, it is time to experience and give permission for more awareness, that can take us towards light, peace and abundance. This will allow you to move forward with more ease, and return to your natural loving state.

Of course, those on spiritual and mindful path have accustomed their minds to work harmoniously with their hearts. They are able to readily embrace change and honor the fear, worries and anxieties associated with it in a gentler way.

Ofcourse we do not wish to stay in the world of war, separation and unsafety. We all are choosing to stay in a loving, peaceful and harmonious world. For that the energy begins in each one's consciousness. It starts with accepting our roles, releasing negativities, being responsible to let go negative, be open to welcome positive, reinvent ourselves and reposition ourselves to reclaim our true powers and strength.

My true powers are my souls love
My need to release fears is my souls love.
My need to release worries is my souls love.
My need to release anxieties is my souls love.
My need to release insecurities is my souls love.
My need to let go old patterns that does not bring highest growth is my souls love
My need to see myself aware and mindful is my souls love
My need to be loving is my souls love
My need to be peaceful is my souls love
My need to be harmonious is my souls love
My need to create a better peaceful world is my souls love
My need to remain my natural self is my souls love.
My need to remain grateful is my souls love.
My inner strength is my souls love.

With much love and gratitude,
Seeking love peace and harmony with each one,
Roop Lakhani

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