Raise Your Vibration

By Roop Lakhani - 10:57:00

We are vibrational energetic beings...
Often the vibrations are at low levels during the day due to various activities and tensions...
So how to increase our vibrational levels!!??

Here are some ways..

• Watch your words/thoughts. Use only words that are of the NOW and are positive such as, I am, I am doing, I am being, I am powerful, I am choosing. 
Remember the words used in present tense and continuous present tense will ask you to take action now 
Let go of words such as, I will, I am going to, I am trying to, I wish, I hope, I can’t. 
Remember the words in future tense will end up being the action that can be pushed to future

• Listen more; talk less. 
Listen empathetic band compassionate manner. Listen to make a difference and listen to feel what the underlying energy is. Listen as it is, do not add your meanings. Listen to respond. Many people talk just to talk. Your words will have more value and impact when fewer words are used to convey your feelings. Remember this is where your wisdom has its chance to speak.

• Drop complaining, gossiping, blaming or listening to it. These are lower frequency emotions. Look for the root of what is causing this and ‘clear it up’ there is a reason why these behaviors are stimulating for you.

• Spend more time with those who vibrate high as you do; those who are loving, positive, inspiring, motivating, hopeful and supportive; spend less time with those who lower your energy and are judgmental and critical. Being in this energy will lower your own vibration if you are not in that frequency. 

• Take responsibility for everything in your life. You are the cause of your happiness and sadness. You are a creator even at times  creating health, loss of money, lack of confidence, lack of peace in relationship you do not want. To take responsibility is to claim your ability to change anything.

• Do things that is Joyful. Be consciously grateful for everything in life, for it brings to you more to be grateful for. Doing things that you enjoy will keep your vibration high. Gratitude is the first lesson in personal/self/spiritual development.

• Be in Acceptance of everything changing your perception will assist with this. Remember your perception is only relevant to you. By not accepting others we create our own issues of lack of acceptance.

Hoping to see you all vibrating with high frequency of love, kindness, compassion, helping others and more

And after trying all this, still in case if you feel you are stuck in lower frequency energies and don't know how to uplift them you can surely contact me, I am your transformative catalyst and spiritual coach. If this feels light and if you resonate with it,  kindly contact me
Roop Lakhani
Www unlimitaccess.com 
Www tarotfuture.com 
And email roop@unlimitaccess.com or roop@tarotfuture.com

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