#Transformatory Solar Eclipse bring changes 21st June 2020

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What if it’s possible to change anything? What if you know something that no one else knows? What if now is the time to express and choose everything you came here to be?

This 21 June 2020 we are seeing the solar eclipse. These will commence with the summer solstice on June 20th, followed by the solar eclipse on June 21st, then the lunar eclipse on July 5th.

The year 2020 is year of rudra and mahakali.

These both are divine energies that first bring destructive energies and then mega creative energies. And we all know how these energies are playing its role in current times where people are having various anxieties, uncertainties, insecurities....

I believe when we human being have got powerful brain and consciousness, why should we have unnecessary worries and anxieties? But it is not possible as we all are attached to the moh and maya of these illusionary materialistic worlds.

Normally the solar eclipses after effects are seen till the next solar eclipse.
Let us create this time to affect on each one's divine shakti powers, the true powers to empower and awaken each one's inner shakti... Are you ready?

Let me tell you about rahu before to this.

During the samudra manthan when there was a desire to drink nectar of samudra by deva and rakshas, one of the rakshas disguised himself into dev avatar to drink nectar, lord Vishnu came to know this and cut his head.. This head represents rahu and the body represents ketu.

Solar eclipse is happening on 21/6/2020 again sum total adds up to 4. This is again ruled by rahu. Rahu creates our life purpose perhaps the intentions are pure or it will divert us and keeps us in dark if intentions are wrong... rahu's good qualities are, it governs our brain, it governs our thoughts, our consciousness.. our brain has power to think, discern what is good and what is not good, it has power to visualise, power to create, power to create our destiny with right thoughts and right actions, power to create science, power to create inventions, power to do research, power to have focussed thinking, power to become practical, power to be genuinely be kind and generous.. Being kind to ourselves, keeping higher intentions, we can surely create our life purpose in 2020 from different consciousness and different perspectives.

The year 2020 has astrological planetary position in such a way that creates events leading to major transformation with a roller coaster ride. The same year 2020 is going to create a light on our further 20 years till 2040. So let's be aware of the energies we need to uplift ourselves for this major transformation.

The current year 2020 is of number 4, of Rahu.rahu means sudden changes.it can uproot anything or scale up anything depending on our intentions and desires. we all know how corona virus has uprooted our normal life, but yet there is a brilliance in anything getting uprooted and creating change which is more towards transformation - permanent changes and the brilliance behind this transformation cannot be seen from limited human perspectives, but can be understood with Higher Divine Perspectives.

When seen from zoomed higher perspectives and from Divine Master Plans, it is seemingly interesting to know that energies are taking us towards Oneness... It is asking us to sit at home and connect meaningfully with our families. 

It is asking us to give up on the rat race of competition and targets and focus on the real self who can stand tall and strong even in adversities. It is asking us to find the hidden nectar within each one of us that can allow us to understand the science and spirituality's combination to shape us and give us foundation for a happy and peaceful life... it is asking us to activate our inner wisdom to take certain actions to create life of peace and bliss for all. 

It is asking us to let go the old superstition and blinded beliefs that sabotages our highest growth. it is asking us to step one step higher to release fears, limited beliefs, emotional toxic charge, unpleasant memories, past baggage that is blocking us to create success and peace... it is asking us to grow beyond the chaos and conflicts just like how a beautiful lotus grows from the dirty mud...  the chaos and conflicts are coming to upgrade our old outdated patterns of racism and countrism to let us know we all are tiny specs of this big macrocosm and are all same microcosm. It is asking us to release and resolve all differences of separation and dividing people, cities, culture and countries... it is asking us to reflect and introspect at deeper inner selves, and once done, we are ready for the  transformation and permanent change..

Unfortunately ignorance is bliss and unawareness is poison.  Many people are at loss how to create change, how to choose and how to create which is in alignment with our highest growth. We are at loss to trust people who can guide us towards light and truth... Whom to contact and whom to consult during these uncertainties? How to receive guidance with every small understanding that is good for us...

Do you also have these questions, how to face these changes powerfully? Who am I? Where am I heading? What is my future? How do I become successful? How do I find my way to remove the obstacles? And more...

I, Roop Lakhani, am passionate about Tarot, Numerology, Vastu, Mind emotion healing, Life coaching, Psycho spiritual Counselling can surely help you to know many unanswered questions, and resolve unidentified energy blocks through certain tools, therapies and wisdom of my 20 years of vast experience and wisdom.

I don't have much knowledge of astrological predictions created through the calculations, but I believe a lot in astrology as it has given me immense knowledge to know people's minds and psyche nature.  Besides to it, Tarot and Numerology has surely added that knowledge to know the deeper psyche of the person, and how outside situations and events can cause either a positive effect on you to create success, fulfilling relations and prosperity or negatively creating sabotaging beliefs, fears and toxic emotions to stop you seeing the abundance.

Whether we believe it or no, planets have their own influence on us and on cosmos, individually and globally. The  Sun, Moon, Rahu and Mercury planets are  in conjunction and looking at ketu and it is watching the house of Sagittarius which is in moola nakshatra... it is activating ketu in moola nakshatra ketu is symbolic of analytical and intuitive mind... It is a planet of deep thinking, spirituality and philosophy. The planets will keep doing their work and we should keep doing our karma. Rahu and ketu together will create a positive energy.

20th May, 2020 rahu has entered mrigshira nakshatra . The meaning of mrigshira is deer’s head in English. The deer was always running to find nectar outside as it was getting the smell of the nectar in its head, without knowing that the nectar was lying inside deer’s body itself. Similarly, we all are chasing to seek the nectar outside of us, without knowing that it lies within us. We all are children of The Supreme Divine Creator and  we need to find our strengths and hence we all are also divine co-creators. We all are a part of solar system, and we all are souls besides to our body, so we become solar light being.. These solar light being is energised with solar light and hence we carry that force of light that is knowledge within us which is so unique for each one of us.. If we stay away from negative comparisons, cat race, cut throat competitions,  illusionary success and peace and find the nectar that gives us our fragrance by finding our unique gifts, we surely we would invent a new being in us. 

This may activate our consciousness and bring us in alignment with master universe plans, so that our life is with ease, peace and grace... But there is a phrase, it is easy said than done... So now let us make the sentence true, it is easy done than said. We tend to have lots of desires that captivates us and blinding us to know the real truth to find the peace and bliss...well the GPS of our information's system is our five senses and once we know what to see, hear, smell, taste and touch we surely will be able to keep right information in our subconscious minds that would help us to lead our Higher plan... The key is WIFI connection to Supreme Powers from where divine intelligence flows .. And that can happen only through meditation, gratitude and grateful positive mind... and this can help us invoking positive energies, by letting go and forgiving ourselves for carrying junk within is. Once again, the word is Consciousness ...when we raise our frequency and energy, we reach higher consciousness that can allow us to live a life full of ease and grace... And for that our thoughts that create reality requires mindfulness.. The emotion that carries our frequency requires lots of cleansing and balancing... And the Higher Mind that carries wisdom requires higher consciousness... 

How about becoming mindful about it?

The energy of the June month is picking up speed and changing directions, as we get closer to some of the most powerful celestial alignments of the year, solar and lunar eclipse. The energies are asking you to speed up with universe plans. The universal plans are Transformation and Right Actions through Right Consciousness.

If we view the current energies of our planet from limited mind of human, we are going through many health challenges, financial insecurity challenges and work challenges.
If we view the same challenges from zoomed perspectives, they have come to bring changes for uniting all of us at one global family

Every news and headlines is giving us fears and anxieties new. This is creating more self-doubts to face the challenge more courageously and yet we all are safe within our home space. We are seeing the future with new concepts, inventions, and resolutions that will be introduced with the intention of helping to create greater healing and unity for our world. Different industries (food, medicine, supplements, science, healing etc.) will take another big step forward in bringing good health of people.

People from all walks of life will find they have way more in common with one another than they had ever thought, allowing people to unite and create more and greater positive changes in the world.. Is not such change better for Oneness at global level?

Some questions to ponder - 
  • What can be the shift of consciousness that we can create this times?
  • Can we operate from abundance rather than lack?
  • Can we release fears and create more of courage?
  • Can we release stress and create ease?
  • Can we be more positive than negative?
  • Can we take care of each family member’s mental and emotional well-being ?
  • Can we create our hobbies and keep ourselves happy?
  • Can we create alternate ways of earning?
  • Can we help people with our resources such as kindness, generosity?
  • What else can you make it possible?
  • What else can you do that will make you happy?
  • When we move through a quantum leap of consciousness like the one we are in now, the collective consciousness will change the full planet towards a better planet
  • We are already seeing changes happening at global level. We can also create metamorphosis changes at inner level
Anytime a quantum leap in consciousness occurs, it usually unfolds in the ways that affect our personal lives.

I, Roop Lakhani, have lots of tools and techniques to raise your consciousness at a different level. All it requires for you is to be willing to create that metamorphosis permanent change to uplift your energies to empower and awaken you

People who believe in doing Surya Mantra and bringing suns positive, optimistic energies can chant on 21 June the below sun mantra.. The sun is life force and it gives us life force energy and light- knowledge to remove darkness

"Om Aditya Namah"

People can chant shiv mantra to bring active energy "Om Namah Shivay", the yang energies. 
People who would like to bring the divine Shakti in them and they can do chanting of Shakti durga mantra, or Durga ma's prayer to bring Shakti in them.

"Om Namah Shivay"   
"Om Vishnave Namah" 
"Om Gan Ganpatey Namah"

"Om Vasudevay Namah"  
"Om Budhay Namah"

People who believe in  simple English mantra can chant below mantras to create positive shift and you invoke powerful positive energies.. I am sure this will be creating magic for your life.. What are you waiting for? 

Read and chant NOW below lines for the transformatory positive energy.

  • My true powers are my soul's love
  • My Shakti is my soul's love
  • My inner feelings are my soul's love
  • My belief in myself is my soul's love
  • I am enough' is my soul's love
  • My thoughts are my soul's love
  • My past experience and wisdom is my soul's love
  • My values are my soul's love
  • My desire to be more active and productive is my soul's love
  • My desire to begin something new is my soul's love
  • My desire to have an  awakened inner life full of passion and purpose is my soul's love
  • My desire to do new learning to have highest growth is my soul's love
  • My desire to think bigger and outside of the limited box is my soul's love
  • My desire to release people, places, and experiences that are no longer supporting me for my greatest good is my soul's love
  • My desire to release negativity and toxic emotions is my soul's love
  • My desire to complain and feel frustrated, insecure, bad, sad, angry, upset with my situation is my soul's love
  • My desire to feel even more connected to Pure Spirit and Pure Intention is my soul's love
  • My desire to look at and resolve old patterns that have held me back from being my most authentic and honest self is my soul's love.
  • My desire for community's well being is my soul's love
  • My desire to live in a peaceful world is my soul's love
  • My desire to make a difference in my life is my soul's love
  • My desire to be more loving, compassionate, and kind with myself and the world is my soul's love
  • My desire to make my inner peace and well-being as top priority in my life is my soul's love
  • My desire to take better care of my body and inner being is my soul's love
  • A desire to recognize the divinity within myself and others is my soul's love
Imagine if each one of us can gain certain such powerful shifting energy, how would the world will look like?

And how can we contribute to our individual inner growth first so that we can be a part of this macrocosm, shifting each one's energies and consciousness??!!

Human technology is one of the advanced technologies which are capable of doing anything.. The required focus should be on our thoughts and feelings that can raise our vibrations, energies and consciousness..

If you require any help to create higher consciousness, call me on +91 98216 12031, I am volunteering  two days in a week for two hours for free psycho spiritual counselling and greater understanding to raise consciousness, the least you can do is, if you resonate with any of the above words, share my post or if you feel light to read than you can comment on it or if you get any insights or passing thoughts, we can discuss on it... don't hesitate  to connect with me. Just call me or DM me on What's App.

Thank you for reading this blog and post your comments.

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