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Abuna semai - Free will and Karma

Abuna Semai is an introspective researcher and teacher of consciousness. 1st May, 2020 the SESSION IS AT 9.30 IST with Abuna Semai ON FREE WILL AND KARMA The MetaHealth family: The Transformation Anu would always say I have a large family, my family is spread world over. This family became evident during the lockdown. People from all over the world are connecting to her sessions. The warmth and freindship everyone shares, the true understanding of each other, the desire to connect every night reflects on the beaming faces every night at 9:30 pm on zoom call. They have become a way of life for many of us. These sessions are educative, fun and solace and also source of entertainment as well as learning for everyone on call. These sessions have transformed lives of many people and their immediate environment. New understanding, new perspectives and a vast pool of knowledge are some highlights of the calls. Hop on to one of these sessions if you desire to transform your lives. Dr Rashmi Arora Consultant Homeopath Meta Health Trainer and Practitioner META-Health is an empowering new way of looking at illness. META-Health is not a therapy and makes no claims to heal or cure, only to look at the whole person, mind, body and soul in the environment in which they live, and to diagnose exactly what set off a process of illness in the first place. Then, it is up to the informed individual to decide how best to move forward within traditional, complementary and alternative medicine. The use of integrative approach to health and wellness has grown within care settings across the world. Researchers are currently exploring the potential benefits of integrative health in a variety of situations and programs to promote healthy behaviors. More and more university medical schools worldwide are establishing departments for integrative medicine and offering training's and education for postgraduates.
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