Let's learn.. Corona se Darona

By Roop Lakhani - 17:26:00

An invisible covid 19 has put the world on halt
Yet we visible beings have the faith in Divine powers 

We all have self quarantine today forcibly due to janta curfew on 22 March 2020
Yet the communication with family may have quarantine effect of speaking in resticted ways

Illness have become complicated with latest technologies 
Yet life is same simple with complicated mind

People have desires and expectations from loved ones to keep them happy
Yet the unhappiness continues to be there in relationship

Relationships have become complicated due to high expectations and frustrations
Yet the nature is forcing through collective consciousness to communicate in a way of oneness

Health is wealth yet people don't self care
People go out for their fun and forget others care 

Money is just an energy and people chase after money
Such corona events says don't be scared, life is too short and everything is not money

Corona se Darona

An invisible covid 19 virus has put the world on halt. It's all a bit overwhelming - but happy to see different healing circles, prayer groups, global meditations, clapping, tibetian singing bowl towards oneness and peace of all.

If you're feeling emotional or scared or upset, or all the other panic anxious feelings - honor that right now. Don't beat yourself up or try to bypass it.  This too shall pass, believe it.
There were certain illness in the past and their vaccinations and medications were found later.

Behind every resistance, there is a higher truth, higher knowing. And that comes with your faith in Divine energies. But every resistance comes with fear of change.

If tons of resistance is blooming collectively, the collective consciousness speaks about opportunity for profound change,  transformation and even potentially mass awakening at consciousness level

What is the collective fear??!!
Fear of losing control
Fear of feeling powerlessness
Fear of abandonment
Fear of the unknown
Fear of change
Fear of survival
Fear of oneness

When we are constantly in the energy of uncertainty, we are in the energy of lack, scarcity and fear. 
The share market going down
The real estate going down
The economy slowed down
Business is not the same profitable

We are creating and reacting our reality from a place of pure survival, safety and security.
The root chakra is blocked with survival, insecurity, unsafe feelings, fears around money, home, children, parents, future. Which really means many people are running around with their inner child triggering their wounds & trauma. It is time to sit down and sit with inner stillness. We have a choice to create chaos or create order. Our inner thoughts create the outside world and if our external world doesn't feel safe or shake up, it's up to us to cultivate that internal space of safety and security through our thoughts .

What helps you cultivate the feelings of safety, support, connection and even abundance in your day to day living? 

What helps you to create love and peace in your relationship?

What values you can imbibe in your self that can create more safe feelings?

What helps you to create security with what you have? Whether limited money, or limited loved ones or limited resources?

Asking yourself some questions and creating shift in mind, to how we can move out of problem based energy into more a solution focused energy at this time is very essential.Rather than creating fake reality and projecting that the economy is crashing, what if we learned into changing our energies for oneness, love, peace?

Personal hygiene, spending quality time with family and friends, having mental stability, balancing between material and emotional world, decluttering the clutter, meditating to listen to our higher self...this will create massive change towards an evolution in how we regard our bodies, mind and soul.

What are the ways we can use this energy of restructuring, reorganizing, rebuilding, rebirthing, constructively?
What helps create more order in your mind, your body, your soul?

Learning to incorporate more mindfulness
Watching and observing your thoughts at this time
Watching your language you're using at this time
Watching what beliefs you are creating such as "there is never enough now" or "the economy is going to get worse"
Doing things that are fun for you. 

Staying connected with love and touch
Physical movement

Connecting with guides/angels/higher self
Spiritual practice

Tarot divination
Your personal energy tools such as eft tapping, nlp, visualization
Mind uplifting programmesS

Spiritual programmes

.Stay connected, Stay strong, 
Stay present, stay safe, stay secured

As lightworker or changemaker, I suggest work on personal and spiritual growth which raises the consciousness to higher level which will raise universal consciousness too..

After all we are drop in an ocean with an understanding we are drop and ocean simultaneously

Love you all

Roop Lakhani

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